Mi5 – Underrated R&B Albums (Female)

December 12, 2011

The 90s were big in terms of female acts, solo and especially groups … figured I’d make a quick post shining some light on my personal top 5 most slept on R&B albums of that time … this time female artists
I’m not including the best albums, buiut rather ones that came out that people might not have checked for, or haven’t heard in a while … you need these in your collection!

Michel’le – Michel’le (1989)

Technically this came out at the end of 1989 but I’m throwing it into the 90’s pile. Michel’le’s debut tape was outstanding … the promotion was terrible
You’d think being backed by Dr. Dre at the height of NWA’s fame that they would’ve put more behind her
She has one of the strongest voices in R&B period. … Period. To this day
The album had some decent Fast tracks like “Nicety” and “No More Lies” but the Ballads are off the meter! “Something in my Heart”, “If”, and “Close to me”
… don’t forget “Silly Love song” she made a complete R&B/Soul Album

Dope voice RIGHT NOW though!

Adina Howard – Do you wanna ride? (1995)

I’ll admit I saw Adina’s video for “Freak like me” and thought … eh, she’s cute, the song is okay but then I saw the CD cover and was like I’M BUYING THIS
… the inside cover art didn’t disappoint either

Truth is there wasn’t really a bad song on the CD … the skit was awful though

She was either ahead of her time or originated the new wave of R&B Adult themed songs “My Up and Down” and “Horny for your love” … it’s like now a days these are tame joints

The “Do you wanna Ride?” and “Baby Come Over” was pretty dope, and me being a HUGE Angela Winbush fan didn’t even mind her cover of “You don’t have to cry”
A lot of people slept on this joint because they thought she was raunchy and couldn’t sing … but she wasn’t bad at all

Kut Klose – Surrender (1995)

Keith Sweat brought out Kut Klose in 1995 around the time of the big Girl-Group renaissance
What set Kut Klose apart was their voices … the sound was dope, basically a female version of Keith the songs though were well written and it was good production

Problem was there was TOO MANY female groups out at the time for them to get any real shine … another thing they were one of the few groups that all the members were attractive lol
I cannot think of one wack track on Surrender “I Like”, “Get Up On it”, Lovely Thang” … I still bang this album

Mona Lisa – 11-20-79 (1996)

I’ll admit to having the biggest crush on Mona Lisa and that might have swayed my vote to calling this album underrated … she is fine!
Mona Lisa had bad timing she came out when Aaliyah was hitting (I always preferred Mona though … stronger voice) … she was cute, could sing and had dope songs; had a young LOX and Lost Boyz on her tracks
… she was also the one singing on the Lost Boyz “Renee” (Remix) Anyway, “Just wanna please you”, “Can’t be wasting my time”, You Said” … she had some tracks on that CD

… I’d like to think she could do damage if she came back out I dunno

Monifah – Mood Moments (1996)

Another great debut album of the 90’s What set this apart from the other artists at the time was it was R&B, Funk, Gospel, Blues, and Jazz … all together and Monifah’s voice is CRAZY
Another case of bad timing, Mary was ringing bells, Faith , Brandy, and Monica were poppin off … Whitney wasn’t completely crazy so she kinda got lost in the shuffle
This Album has one of my favorite songs of the 90s period “You” that’s in my 90’s playlist like 5 times in iTunes lol
Heavy D and Uptown didn’t know how to promote her right … she coulda been that next one.

Agree / Disagree? What Slept on 90’s R&B albums did I miss?


  • Caramel-Sundae2.o

    Okay…I am now officially running down memory lane. I forgot about Michelle! I used to rock the mess outta that! All these ladies were the business! Thanks for this one! What about Micki Howard though?

  • Misscnelly

    I agree with all but Adina Howard. I would have to say Monifah is the best out of this list… I also liked Gina Thompson….

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