Dime Lines AD: Brown pearls

June 9, 2007


Cashmere mist is subtle
The scent unmistakable
Touch is intoxicating the lust inescapable

Anticipatin Penetratin,
Warm dampened silk

Start with kiss around the neck taste like caramel milk

The Donna Karen envelops as I descend to her chest
Soft kisses outlines the curvature of the breasts

Nipples Cherry Cola,
mouth watering soaks the areola

Scene cinematic as if done by Ford Coppola

Sweet and sticky trail continues to the navel
Spine tingles till the legs are unstable

Eye’s half closed like oysters with brown pearls
Tongue circles inner thigh in sensuous swirls

That’s my girl

…as her back’s arched with pleasure
Orgasmic wail my lips brace the pearl treasure

Lips on lips my discourse below the waist
Conversation intensifies as her thighs embrace

Head constricted, arms clench, fingers grip
Ocean waves in rough water the motion of the hips

A deep “Baby I’m ready” slips slowly from her lips…

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  • tenacious

    **blushes** your best one yet…..

  • nitabita

    I’m scared to read Dime Lines VII…(is it warm in here or is it just me?)…whew!

  • http://lavendersquirts.blogspot.com DivineLavender

    I do more of a bucking movement than arching my back….*smirking*

  • http://confessions-of-an-everyday-woman.blogspot.com/ Ms. Confessions

    I really wish you would stop describing my marvelous attributes..

  • http://nsaneleesane.blogspot.com Nsane Lee Sane


  • StephStarr

    That was hot hot hot! LOL

  • http://thepoeticcocoon.blogspot.com Urban Butterfly

    Nice piece….

    I LOVE the artwork on your blog! So original!

  • Boss Lady

    It’s not too much I can say about this one. I’m surprised I can even type, I’m trembling over here.

  • http://pathsnottaken.blogsome.com Erica C.

    damn…..Damn……DAMN!!!!!!!!! I’m good for the rest of the night!!!!!

  • kay!_they say

    *hot and bothered* i usually just read the random thoughts when i visit your blog…i think i’ll get back to that.

  • Lexelle

    Another Cashmere mist luva in the house. That scent can do some things…..mmm.

  • http://mentallyspeaking.blogspot.com blujewel

    I swear you’re tryna cause a riot in the blogasphere with your Dime Lines cause you spit more game in your contained world and there are sistas wondering why other brothas can’t learn something from you.

  • http://tclarkegolden.blogspot.com TC

    really nice piece e

  • beautifulgyrlJ

    …as her back’s arched with pleasureOrgasmic wail my lips brace the pearl treasure
    Lips on lips my discourse below the waistConversation intensifies as her thighs embrace
    -Man! This is that good stuff

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