90s Female R&B Groups I

January 13, 2012

Women ran the 90s as har as R&B and Soul music … and more than anything else there was a TON of R&B Groups … I guess women could get a long in the 90s because new acts were popping out of everywhere … and since I love music (Pre 1999) and Since I love women (Period)
I figured why not spotlight the female groups of the 90s … more so those you prolly forgot about

Bare with me and my random thoughts and random memories … let’s get it!

Shades came out with “Tell Me” … First they were FINE But if that wasn’t the Gold Digger Anthem though LMAO

Truce was a 90s group … no one cared about; they had a album called “Nothin but the truce” lol

Y? N-Vee was more popular and got more props for being mentioned on Montell Jordan’s This is How we do it” more-so than any of their songs

Pure Soul “I want you back” was a banger, people remember the song but not them lol

Who thought MoKenSteff was a great idea? I did buy the CD tho lol

Nuttin Nyce … I bought they CD so?
… remember they made “Froggy Style? Only liked them for the “I just wanna rock you part” lol

Allure was another group that I thought would be the next thing (again cuz they were sexy … esp the dark skin chick witht eh short hair and the lips!) but … yeah well, they did nothing either lol

No one cared about the Braxtons then or now

Remember E.V.E … stood for Ebony Vibe Ever lasting, that lead singer coulda GOT IT

702 came out … get it together and Steelo were bangers, mayber Where my Girls at too … but nothing was better than “This Lil game we play” with Subway though
Irish and Orish Grinstead (RIP) were FINE!

After Aaliyah came out , remember Gyrl? They SO bit her style LOL

Blackgirl came outin 1994 with that song “Krazy” they werent the sexiest women ever but the song was kinda cool … defintely a 90s jam

That Original Destiny’s child lineup! Yeah … LaTavia and LeToya? \o/
People were still on Beyonce but not me, I even thought Kelly was something back then (nice stomach) … I could care less about any incarnation after that though

It Goes: LeToya > TaTavia > Beyonce > Farrah > Kelly > Meatloaf > Shower Shoes > Dryer Lint > Michelle

I remember wantin me some Kut Klose, that first album was a banger and they looked like they needed me in their lives lol

Remember Vybe? They were some Fine women! I copped that joint for the Cover and the pictures inside … wanted me some Vybe!

Never liked brownstone couldn’t get into them

EnVouge is the standard, they had 4 strong singers and they all were attractive (eh Maxine though) That Giving him something he can feel video … Lawd

It goes Dawn > Terry > Cindy > Maxine

Laugh at me, I bought the Sa-Duce CDLOL

Changing faces were weird to me … and not very pleasurable to my ears or eyes

For Real was a group that did NO NUMBERS but they prolly had some of the best voices!



  • http://gravatar.com/12kyle 12kyle

    Mannnnn, this blog is the reason you should have your own show.

    I vaguely remember some of these groups. But you triggered some memories

  • http://gravatar.com/geenamarie geenamarie

    The musical database inside your head is just >>>>>>>>>….I don’t remember the groups but I def remember the songs…I’ll take En Vogue over everybody “whats it gonna be cuz I can’t pretend, don’t you wanna be more than friends??? hold me tight and don’t let go..don’t let goooooooooo, you have the right to lose control”.

  • http://coldslitherpodcast.wordpress.com coldslitherpodcast

    Can’t wait for part 2. Gotta have The Good Girls, Phajja, Brownstone, Jade and so many others.

  • http://twitter.com/dj_diva The MIXtress of R&B (@dj_diva)

    I don’t even remember half these chicks LOL Good job!

  • Mslovher

    Forreal were crzy dope and should have gone far.
    Allure should have gone far, but what do you expect…they were on Mariah Careys Crave label and later on Ron Artests label and managed by him..#fail. After that brawl and being suspended from the NBA they were not seen or heard from again.
    Gyrl was just a bad idea period.
    Brownstone had vocal talent for days

  • http://twitter.com/chapmanrunner Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    Part 2 should be epic. Most of these groups were one and done, so I didnt waste my cash or Columbia House/BMG free cd points on their albums. Well, except En Vogue….

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