90s Female R&B Groups II

January 17, 2012

The Second part of my Ode to 90s female R&B groups … the lesser known/remembered ones
… you might not care, but I’m having fun lol

SWV were queens of the remix they had hits! A complete album tho? Nope
… I did like that New Beginning CD but eh.
Coko had the voice, I have NO idea what the other two brought to the table … they didnt sing, couldn’t dance and were 5s at best in looks …they kicked ass though lol
I still cant believe they made a Cunnilingus anthem and it rocked on mainstream radio LOL

Jade was an awful SWV knockoff but better singers AND better looking … Shoulda got better writers

I dare you to name 4 Zhane songs … 2 is easy, 3 isnt too hard but that 4th!?

The Good Girls were everything back in the day, I wanted every one of ‘em … Between Love is like a itching in my heart and Your Sweetness … I was all in.
I remember when the lead singer started poppin up on my TV … she was on Seinfeld, Dark Angel Oh and House Party 3

TLC was dope when they first came out … and Crazy Sexy Cool was good for the MOST part but after that … I was good; guess they got too popular for me

It goes: Left Eye > Chili > T-Boz

Ex Girlfriend had that one song “Why cant you come home” … that video was nothing BUT that was the group that ol Girl Stacy Francis from X-Factor in it
… the one chick had the wack rap in it lol
Stacy did kill it at the end

… and somehow after what 10-15 years she looks BETTER now though

Assorted Phlavors did not blow up at all lol
… Prolly because of the dumb way of spelling lol

I will admit to bumpin MoKenSteff’s “He’s Mine” Remix the other day lol

Total coulda been … shoulda been that next group, they made nothing but hits, I dunno what Puff was up to
That second album was a beast
It Goes: Keshia > Pam > Kima
But I was in love with me some Pam and her arms and stomach

For MY Money overall Total was the best female R&B group … their albums were crazy and the videos were the truth! (I totally understand an SWV argument tho)

Speaking of which ….
I guess Tha Truth! Was supposed to be a Total Alternative LOL

So many groups … I want to put up everyone’s videos … might be too much though

Blaque were were fine! I wanted me some every single member, that 808 song still kinda bangs

I remember The Gyrlz were Al B Sure and and New Edition’s opening act and they came with the “If it’s games you’re playing” it was dope then they broke up and Terri and Monica went solo
Terri and Monica were one of the few Female Duos that came out … that made any noise, not the sexiest women but Terri wrote “Cant you See” for Total and Monica is Ronnie DeVoe’s cousin so …

Music use to be so good back in the days … a lot of the groups sounded the same and were clear copies but there were still talent and good voices
… none of that these days

I always thought that The singers kicked out of Destiny’s Child should’ve immediately formed a group .. Id much rather listen to LeToya, LaTavia, and Farrah … DAMN sure rather look at them over the regular DC

Remember Missy’s group Sista?
Mr. Dalvin brought them out and they had the extra long Ponytails … up on the Roof? LOL

I dunno if there’s enough for a part 3 LOL we shall see

  • https://twitter.com/sharepointjoe SharePointJoe

    What about ‘Brownstone’? Such a good group.

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