8teezbaybee: R&B 1980 – 1981

April 2, 2011

Since I love almost all things 80s AND I love music (Pre 1995 mostly) I figured I’d do a series of posts about the music I remember about the 80s
… the albums that dropped I was extra young so it may not be too much lol I can really only go by memory and what I have in my itunes

And you KNOW the rotation is going to go without he posts! (Click the iPod over there –>)


The 80’s were dope because we got the end of 70’s disco plus 70’s funk and then brought in R&B … best decade in music

I don’t remember much about 1980 but … I know LaToya Jackson was FINE!

Celebrate by Kool & the Gang came out

Another one bites the dust had that baseline … cant front like it doesn’t still knock

Whip it by Devo … upside down by Diana Ross dropped
Devo were some bugged out cats, Seemed like the 80s was the last time people rocked with Tracee’s mother
… Diana was more known for being down with MJ at the time

Teena Marie (RIP) came out … she wasn’t in Rick JAmes mode yet tho so I mostly slept on her

Roberta Flack was going to have a “Best of both worlds” album w/ Donny Hathaway but dude killed himself …
THAT would been a BEAST! … alas

The hottest joint might’ve been The Jacksons with “Can you feel it” and “Heartbreak Hotel”

My Mother’s favorite band at the time came out


Rick James hit w/ Super Freak

I don’t remember too much, but The Time came out with Get it up, Cool and The Stick

Bobby Womack dropped “If you think you’re lonely now” (I have the Vinyl lol)

The Time were the coolest group ever, Morris Day had some lyrics that were WAY ahead of the time <– see what I did there?

eclectik TRIVIA: Alexander O’Neal was the lead singer of The Time; Prince got rid of him and put in Morris Day

BUT Album of the year…

8 Songs but Controversy and Do Me Baby killed it

I went off top with as much as I could remember about those two years (outside of what’s rocking in the rotation) … next up 1982 and 1983


    Love the Jackson 5 and I hate that most people my age don’t know as much as they should about their music, which gets sampled by so many rappers today.

    I love a good vinyl and I one day plan on owning my own record player so I can properly steal my dads stuff lol

    I never liked Prince he was too raunchy and weird looking to me *ducks*

    Watching the Unsung on Donny Hathaway and rediscovering all his music has made my Ipod a little bit better

  • 12kyle

    Man, you are truly an “old soul”. You went back on this joint

    I remember when SuperFreak dropped. Rick was pissed off b/c his video wasn’t gettin any love on MTV! And he let them know about it! LoL

  • http://rashanjamal.blogspot.com/ Rashan Jamal

    I can’t remember what year it was, but I had the “I Wanna Be Your Lover” 45… then my grandma heard that the song was promoting homosexuality and made me break it. I ain’t even know what that meant. LOL

    I don’t remember a single Latoya song.. but I remember the song “Letoya” by Just Ice.. I think that was 83 though.

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