8teezbaybee: R&B 1988 – 1989

April 24, 2011

See 1986 – 1987 Here


1988 was another year for GREAT music

Al B Sure! made Nite and Day, Oooh this love is so, Rescue me, Off on your own, If Iím not your lover … rocked the Bert eyebrows ,,, and every woman wanted the light skinned guys

Karyn White dropped … I was in LOVE with her, I thought she was going to be the next big thing sexy darkskin could sing: Secret Rendezvous, The Way You Love Me, and Superwoman! mannn

Vesta made “Congratulations” everyone hated that song but me … that might’ve been the first song ever that made me ALMOST tear up lol

Fresh off of being naked in Penthouse Vanessa Williams dropped The Right Stuff

Tony Toni Tone came out with Baby Doll, Born not to know, and Little Walter … I LOVE Baby Doll that’s my favorite song by them (song and video)

The Boys came out with Dial my Heart and Lucky Charm

Sexy ass Pebbles made Mercedes boy … I needed that woman!

Tracie Spencer came out … feh so did Will Downing and Take 6 …beh.

But then THE greatest Tapes came out

NE Heart Break by New Edition … they regrouped and came back hard after Bobby left and they dropped that Blue Moon mess
That tape was nearly flawless … the only flaw (That new guy who shall not be named)

Today the most underrated R&B tape created … it was a BANGER! So much so you CANNOT find that joint NOWHERE!

My personal favorite Guy MY FAVORITE R&B tape of all time … with my Favorite R&B song ever (Groove me)

But Album of the year…

Bob could do NO WRONG 1988 and 1989 he OWNED music for almost a good two years


One of the prettiest singers EVER Tyler Collins came out in 89 I wanted to marry her
… she’s 45 now wonder how she’s holding up; give her my twitter name

Speaking of wanting The Good Girls came out too … they were THE finest! “Your Sweetness” and “Love Is like an Itching in My Heart” I never wanted them to break up

Michel’le dropped her CD; THAT joint is extra underrated … never mind the speaking voice (that I found attractive) she could sing her FACE off! cop that joint if you donít have it already

Chuckii Booker hit with Turned away

After 7 came out … feh

Full Force dropped Aint my Type of Hype and Friends before Lovers… still rockin the curl lol

Babyface hit with It’s no Crime, Tender Lover, Soon as I get home… and Whip Appeal; EVERYBODY rocked with Whip Appeal

Remember “Talk to myself” by Christopher Williams? that was that song

My Personal favorite album of the year was “Attitude” by TROOP … that tape had NO duds … up-tempo and slow joints … even did The Jackson 5 song better than the Jackson 5!

Album of the year
Janet Jackson made Rhythm nation … crushed the game again

  • Buckhead

    I enjoyed this 80’s music series, especially this one. Guess that it’s pointless for me to comment on it more since….

    Well, great post.

  • 88 bluedevil

    Man I bought that Tyler Collins cd based on that pretty face. Attitude was my shit, but I was in love with Michell’e’ singing voice. I wanted all of the good girls

  • https://www.rebelmouse.com/MontoyisK/ Montoyis

    First record I ever owned was Bobby’s “Don’t Be Cruel”

    • eclectik

      Nice selection, Bobby Bradford was the man

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