Growing up 80s

February 17, 2012

You know what we did?

We went outside

Yeah we went outside to play! There was such thing as “play clothes”
Girls would jump rope…Double Dutch, hopscotch
The fellas would play Tag, Freeze tag; water gun/balloon fights…shoot basketball, play stick ball

Then we’d all get together play Red light/Green light, mother may I? Hide and Go get it
All types of ish

And be out all night (or till it was time to eat)
…then we’d go BACK out!

Even when we had toys…new toys; we’d bring them outside to play with them…the only time we weren’t outside was:

When we were eating, sleeping, bathing, or it was raining
(And when The Cosby Show was on)


Kids are wack…they don’t play; boring ass stupid kids…all they want to do is watch BET, play video games, and get on the net

…Shidddddd we’d get on the bikes and be GONE!
Hit up the store get some Penny Candy….or some juice

We had:

Fun Dip
Now and Laters
Cherry Clans
Jolly Joes
Mike and Ikes
Laffy Taffy
Jolly Ranchers
Root beer Barrels
Bit O Honey
Jolly Rancher Sticks
…some of everything!

Shits was like a dime…fiddy cents for king size joints or whatever

Wack ass stores and manufactures….they dont even make the old school shit like they use to!

Now and Laters had like 1,000 flavors…now you got like 5…and they came in the clear white wax paper…and were bigger
How you gon SHRINK Now and Laters?

Remember Mamba? Them shits was like 40-50 cents and had like 100 pieces lol; first time I saw those I thought I’d better hurry up and buy them before they caught on and up the price

And The Quarter Waters? Grape Drink?! Capri Suns with the break your hand trying to get the straw in the side joint?

Those were the days…only the rich kids had the Capri suns for a while though…we had the Quarter water joints

Yo! Remember the big ass Yellow McDonalds Drum of Orange Drink?

Man Happy meals were like $2 and were like fly ass coloring joints and puzzles…shits were spaceships

I dunno what’s going on now…I know one thing there’s a lot of fat ass kids
I mean we had the fast food but it was really only McDonalds and Burger King…Wendy’s popped up but that was it
..And it was a special occasion you got that shit so you were happy…that’s why it was a happy meal LOL
AND cuz mothers use to cook! Like every day!
Pizza was special…that’s why in school and shit a Pizza Party or Pizza day in lunch was like Christmas
…now you got Pizza Hut IN School; we had those Rectangular foil packed joints

It didnt take much to entertain ourselves
Shiddddd girls would stand outside for hours slapping their hands together playing “slide” or house/school

Can’t play house these days….the fellas wouldn’t get to participate (get it?)
Oh and the girls would be too busy playing with their real life babies (wrong true…but am I lying?)

We had Atari
Games that everyone could play…Moms use to try and get with me on Centipede and Space invaders
I owned her in Ms Pac Man…Even to this day if you want to have a lot of people over and play games it’s the old joints like that; that everyone would get into
Even the first Nintendo…Fellas would get together to this day and get some Tecmo on over Madden

And what woman doesnt like Mario 3?

But even with those games…still went outside; not you got video games you take outside with you
(The PSP…cuz face it the game boy was for lames)

TV was Damn for sure different…we had:

Sesame Street
The electric Company
School House Rock
Mr. Rogers
Mr. Wizard
3-2-1 Contact
The Letter People
The after school specials LOL

Man I learned more about life watching the old Bugs Bunny Cartoons than in some grade school classes
(Cuz you know those shows weren’t for kids…those cartoons were for adults, that’s why they use to show them in the theater)
I remember looking at the end of the shows after I learned roman numerals…those shits were made in like the 50’s
We had reruns of reruns and were still funny as hell…and educational

Shows were different…had messages…it was cool to watch everything
Growing Pains and Family Ties were that stuff lol

And lets not get started on Saturday Mornings

Remember you’ get up and lay your blanket down in the living room (cuz what kid had a TV in their room…even Ricky from Silver spoons didnt have that)
Lay down in the living room in front of the TV…all dumb early…bowl of cereal
And watch cartoons from like 7-8am till noon (cuz some bull came on at noon)…didn’t matter you’d be going outside anyway.
But everyone had their lineup…what channels and show to watch
You know what the bugged out thing was? No one really talked about the cartoons like later that day…it was just for our on entertainment
…Shows like:

Fat Albert
Jackson Five
The Super friends
Dragon’s Lair
Shirt Tales
Get along Gang
Dungeons and Dragons
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Mr. T
Spiderman and his Amazing Friends
The USA Cartoon Network!
(shit like the Snorks, Flintstone Kids, Fraggle Rock, Punky Brewster, Wuzzles, etc)

Remember all the video games had their own cartoon? Wrestling had one….

What comes on Saturday mornings now?
Shiddd at least we had Teen Summit (Hi Ananda mmmmmmmm)

Remember wack ass Prince Dejour?

After School we had Cartoons…TV was great…even the commercials (maybe I’ll do another blog about those)

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  • howie AKA Generic

    Ananda!! WPHOF 80s edition. This was amazing, so many things I forgot about – the Happy Meals that came in spaceships – I’d save them forever like it was an actual toy! Had my GIJoes go to space in those things! DamN!

    • Administrator

      YES! I’m going to have to #appreciation Ananda myself
      The Joes in the Happy Meal Ships YES!!!
      Those were the damn days!

  • Soheavenleigh

    I still remember the theme song to 3-2-1 Contact!

  • Dwiz

    You forgot about the monster chews and the great space coaster. Those were the days. These wack ass kids today don’t have a clue.

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