Name those Joes

February 19, 2012

Saturday post for my few small sect of GI Joe fans …
Can you name them all?

And Now, the Questions …

1. Who is the female G.I.Joe member that Destro is a far off cousin to?
2. What is the device that Cobra used as their first weapon against G.I.Joe?
3. Who is the Baroness in love with?
4. Who did Zarana fall for in “Computer Complications”?
5. Who kidnapped Flint, Lady Jaye, Cobra Commander, and the Baroness at the same time?
6. What is Beachhead’s first name?
7. What is Lady Jaye’s first name?
8. What is Monkeywrench afraid of?
9. Who is the man that is a secret agent that helps G.I.Joe in the episode ‘The Spy Who Rooked Me’?
10. What is the name of the ship that Destro puts his pulse modulator on so he can steal it?
11. Who is the one person that Zartan will turn against Cobra to save?
12. Out of all antiques and Pets Serpentor was collecting to gain his strength what was the only one he didn’t get?
13. Who is the person in ‘G.I.Joe The Movie’ that Sgt. Slaughter had to have a Wrestling match with to defeat?
14. What was Zartan’s original hideout?
15. What is the device that Cobra stole from the G.I.Joe lab in ‘G.I.Joe the Movie’?

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  • Jay Malone

    Main Frame, Beachhead, Dial Tone, Ripper, Hawk, Lifeline, Quick-Kick, Air-tight, Buzzer, Barbecue, Flint, Shipwreck, Monkeywrench, Sgt. Slaughter, Lady Jaye, Dr. Mindbender, Alpine, Dusty, Torch, Footloose, Bazooka

    • Classick Material

      LOL… what he said!

  • howie D

    1. Lady Jaye
    2. MASS Device.. hmm or weather dominator… let’s say WD
    3. Destro (but she had feelings for Billy in the comics)
    4. Mainframe
    5. That weird toy/candy land guy
    6. dont know without looking up
    8. big hairy spiders
    9. forget his name but he’s very James Bond-ish. Matt Smith or somethin
    11. his sister?
    12. somethin’ of Vlad Tepes?
    13. Nemesis Enforcer
    14. The gas station in Jersey in the comics, the swamp house in the cartoon

  • Classick Material

    My answers shouldn’t even count, but what the hell? You’re not exactly giving away prizes… To be fair, I’m only answering a few of these…

    1. Lady Jaye
    2. The M.A.S.S. Device
    3. Laird James McCullen Destro XXIV
    4. Mainframe (one of my favorite Joes)
    5. ______
    6. ______
    7. Alison
    8. Spiders
    9. _______
    10. _______
    11. Zarana
    12. _______
    13. Nemesis Enforcer
    14. Amusement Park of Terror
    15. The Broadcast Energy Transmitter (a.k.a. the worst station on cable)

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