Why Men can’t win

February 19, 2012

You can’t win
You can’t break even
And you can’t get out of the game
People keep sayin’
Things are gonna change
But they look just like they’re staying the same
You get in
Way over your head
And you’ve only got yourself to blame

You can’t win, chile
You can’t break even
And you can’t get out of the game


The Law

Okay…so Guy gets into a arguement with his girl…he smacks her…she runs to the bathroom, locks the door…calls the police…he get’s arrested
…he’s a Football player and he could either get cut or released or get fined; he’s a regular guy…may lose his job

What if a guy get’s into an arguement with his woman and she smacks him…he goes to the bathroom, locks the door and calls the police
What happens?

The police will laugh
Not show up
If they did show up they’d laugh then
The woman wouldn’t get arrested
…no ramifications

I know the whole thing about well a man is bigger and he shouldn’t hit a woman yah yah yah

But what if the girl is bigger than the guy?

What if Serena Williams is Married to Emanuel Lewis? and she gets pissed off? He’s the size of her racket
What if Laila Ali Gets into it with Omarion? She’d OWN him!
What if the guy IS bigger…but hits like a girl?


I dont think a man should EVER EVER EVER hit a woman…but guess what?
I Dont think ANYONE should Hit ANYONE Man/Woman, Woman/Man, Man/Man, Woman/Woman…but fuk! LOL

A woman calls the police and they show up…guy on the floor shot…she has the gun…she says self defense
They say…okay.

A man calls the police and they show up…woman on the floor shot…he has the gun…he says self defense
…he’s in OZ with Adebisi


LOL! Allls I’m sayin is Women got the law on lock

Child Custody

A woman has to be the pissiest of poor mothers for her to lose her child to the father
even if the father is fighting tooth and nail (dumb saying by the way) for the child and is WAY more stable
…unless that woman shows up to court with:
A needle in her arm
A pipe in her mouth
In a bloody beater and holey boyshorts
With a loaded gun to the childs head

She’s leavin with custody


Man and Woman is in a relationship…in love…they get engaged…things don’t work out
Who get’s the ring?


Unless she gets REAL pissed and takes it off and throws it at him (and it doesnt bounce back her way LOL)
She’s prolly keepin it

One one hand you say…well if HE broke it off she should keep it…if SHE breaks it off, she should give it back
…how about if they get engaged and he purchased the ring and they are not engaged anymore…the purchaser gets it.

That’s not a gift.


On the Breakup, it’s hard to have the man win
If she breaks up with him…it’s cuz he was an ass…if He breaks up with her…he’s an ass
Kinda tough

The Date

Hey…they guy gets corageous enough to ask…go out…he pays…fine
A woman goes hard and asks the guy out…he’s still “supposed” to pay
A Woman reaches for her purse to pay…
He lets her…dick
He stops her…trick lol

The Cheat

Even in cheating the guy never wins

If SHE cheats…the guy wasn’t puttin it down…she wasn’t satisfied
If HE Cheats…he’s a guy…all men are dogs, it’s what they do



Men flirt…Players
Women flirt…they are being nice bcause you know how guys are…she wasn’t really interested though.

Just asking…

Man comes in from wherever:
“Where were you? What did you guys do? Did you drink? Then what did you do?” –> They are being concerned

A Woman comes in from wherver:
“Where were you? What did you guys do? Did you drink? Then what did you do?” –> Interrogation

The Orgasm



When a man can’t get right or takes a while to drop it…or whatever…he needs a pill, has ED, has things on his mind…
A woman cannot spish splash? The man aint rockin it right


I’m just having some fun pointing at some truths

I’m the last person to women bash…yall know I love me some woman… more than most
I’m just playin…but I’m sayin LOL

“Success, fame, and fortune, they’re all illusions. All there is that is real is the friendship that two can share.”
“That’s beautiful! Who said that?”
“I did.”


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