Five Forgotten Cartoons

February 22, 2012

Cartoons were everything growing up, I was like Martin Tupper watching those joints (Shoutouts to Dream On) Originally planned for a podcast (eclectik discussion podcast mind you!) I figured I’d do a post instead spotlighting 5 cartoons that I loved watching when I was a lower case e that a lot of people may have forgotten or never seen I didnt include more popular ones like Hong Kong Phooey (Number 1 Super Guy), or Thundarr, or Captian Caveman … or none of the Video Game joints; we all remember those ANYWAY ….

Five Forgotten Cartoons …

Grape Ape

Its a 40 Tall Purple a gorill-ill-ill-ill-la!!!

I dont know what it was about Grape Ape but I never missed an episode, the fact that he was like The Hulk with fur and a baseball cap might’ve had something to do with it …

LOL @ him riding on top of the van and reving it up like a Key-Car

Beegly Beagly was that dude too, my man was a schemer and idea man lol

I remember a comic book back in the day too but I never copped it

Nugget Nose The Galloping Ghost

Next to no one remembers Nugget Nose, he was this 49er that had an invisible horse and his nose would twitch when he was near gold LOL

Hey had two bad chick Wendy and Rita with him and they worked at the Fuddy Dude Ranch

So when the two chicks got in trouble they rub on their gold nugget charm on their necklace, my mans nose would light up then he’d hop on the ghost horse and save them

I have NO idea what they were thinking when they made it but that little old man was hilarious

Shirt Tales

Started as Hallmark card characters (And it’s bull that they aren’t still around)

Alls I know is I use to watch that show religiously

It was Tyg (Tiger), Rick (Raccoon), Pammy (Panda), Digger (Mole), and my Favorite Bogey (Orangutan)

Bogey was a pimp lol

They fought crime from the park in the pimped out STSST (Shirt Tales’ SuperSonic Transport) that joint was a boat, car, plane, some of everything lol

Mr. Dinkle was the park ranger or something that had no idea they were crime fighters lol They tricked him somehow some way every episode

Sometimes Tyg was the leader, other times Rick … I remember some girls I grew up with use to argue over wich was better lol

The show jumped the shark when the Kanagroo showed up, but I still need it back on TV … Boomerang or something

Teen Force:

Straight outta Black Hole X

People either forget or never heard of Teen force, it was always a mainstay on the USA Cartoon Express for me

Kid Comet had the super speed

Moleculad was the black guy that could change his molecuar structure

Elektra had the Telepathy and Teleportation (They werent original with her name nor her powers eh?)

They had these Smurf lookin Astromite dudes with them Glax and Plutem

They would go solo or fight with Space Ghost … this was when there were few Super Hero cartoons on, I liked the space cycles they rode … and the black dude was dope

They fought Uglor … the only guy that could tell when Space Ghost was invisible lol

The best part is when Teen Force, Space Ghost AND THe Herculoids got together to fight at the end

G Force

… or “Battle of the Planets” was my favorite cartoon for a long time when I was younger, I waas one of the few that actually thought it to be BETTER than Voltron (any version)

Princess, Keyop, Tiny, Mark, and my boy Jason protected Earth from Zoltar down with Planet Spectra

Like on Inspector Gadget where you never saw Dr. claw you never saw “Luminous One” where Zoltar got his orders from

… and Zoltar had a mask himself

Zoltar was also creepy because he/she was basically an hermaphrodite, though I didnt know what that was at the time, I knew Zoltar was a little “Tangy” and not always male lol

Then they each had their own vehicles that were inside their ship the Phoenix

Tiny’s wack ass didn’t get one though he had to piolt the plane lol

But the plane was dope because it would turn into flames (Pheonix, get it) and run through everything

Then Princess had the Yo-Yo bombs, Tiny had the guns like Batman that had mad gadgets

Mark had a sonic boomerang Alls I know is this show either needs a reboot, a movie or both!

I’m prolly going to do another one of these as there are TONS of cartoons I could’ve included in here … its fun memory lane’n it

Comments? Got some? Gimme!

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  • Dex

    If you liked Battle of the Planets, do yourself a favor and track down the original Japanese Gatchaman cartoons they are edited from. BotP was edited for young American audiences and the 7-Zark-7 segments were not part of the original Gatchaman, he was just more kid-friendly stuff being added. But as a kid, I didn’t know any different and this was one of my favorite toons. A buddy and me made cardboard cut outs of Mark’s boomerang…they didn’t quite fly as good.

    Did you have the Force Five shows? Danguard Ace, Starvengers, Spaceketeers, Grandizer, Gaiking. I guess I had a thing for anime as a kid. Plus they weren’t like everything else that was on then.

    • Administrator

      I know! I hated they edited them after I realized that’s what they did
      …took out the cursing and my cross dressing villain!

      Something about Anime back in the day that was so dope!

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Bogey was pretty cool but I was partial to Digger. I would try to watch the Teen Force back in the late 70s, but Godzilla or Thundarr was on. Next to Star Blazers, Battle of the Planets was one of my first experiences in Japanese animation (even if the 7-Sark-7 parts were American) The ONLY crappy thing was, I’d always would see the end credits because we’d get home from church by the time it was over.

    • Dex

      I remember at one point they moved Star Blazers from the afternoons to mornings just as I had to leave for school. I set up my tape recorder in front of the TV and would listen to the show when I got home. Pre-VCR days!

      • Administrator

        WOW PRE VCR!!!??? That’s dedication! I never got into Star Blazers … hmmmm

  • Clutch

    I watched Battle of the Planets as a kid while living overseas. The team looked a lot like the gang from Voltron. I think they unmask Zoltar in the final ep and he turns into a chick for a minute. Wild stuff.

    Shirt Tales was also cool. Can’t remember why the greeting cards went bust but yeah, they should still be selling them. Strawberry Shortcake and the Care Bears are still around, so now they need to bring back Shirt Tales. I always thought of Rick as the leader and Bogey was da man.

    Teen Force I barely watched except for the team-ups with Space Ghost and the Herculoids. This was their 80’s revival.

    Never watched the first two but I’ve seen Great Grape Ape on TV in other H/B shows.

    Nice list!

  • Brian Morin

    Grape Ape was a favorite of mine. How he didn’t crush that van I’ll never know.

  • alleyviper

    Shirt Tails. Pretty sure I had a pair of sneakers w/them on the side and velcro. Great show. That tree was like a mansion.

  • Firefly Cobra

    Shirt Tales…..I hated shows like that. If I could, I’d round up all the Shirt Tales, Care Bears, and that hack David the gnome, and torch all their lil’ cute asses. HAIL COBRA!

  • http://@cma300 Charles A.

    Nice list! Can’t say I remember The Galloping Ghost though. Does anyone remember Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors? That was my jam back in the day!

  • D’Katana

    SHIRT TALES!!!! I loved that show and recently though about it but couldn’t remember the name. Thank you!

  • deterrent0591

    Teen Force! I remember watching that one time. I remember Elektra very much. Preceded Marvel’s Elektra by a parsec.

    If you want more, get a load of superhero tv cartoon themes from this video.

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