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February 27, 2012

The NBA All Star Weekend is nowhere close to where it used to be, I still watch out of tradition but…

This weekend coming up perhaps I’ll enjoy some brunch

A Lot of feedback from the first podcast … not a lot of comments but the Mary “fans” on Twitter lit me up LOL

People still brag about smoking weed and getting high, I thought that went out of style in the 90’s

US indoor Championships were last night … I love women
I’m going to be unbearable this summer!!!! All of your randomness needs, where else will you find relationship posts, Top 10 Ninjas, and an ode to breakfast in one place? lol

Tame winter, spring comin … much like Capn D

So Tag Team was back again … from where? No clue … guess they went back though

I saw a woman that was built like a melted half twisted rubix cube

Purple Rain is better than Thriller only because I’d skip “Baby Be mine”

I Tweeted: Chris Brown is like Tevin Campbell with Roid Rage

I hate Paper Towels without designs on them … ole plain ass paper
… even looseleaf got lines!!!!!

The lady at Wendy’s lips were so dry they looked like shattered glass

Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere

I wonder if the Lovers or the Dreamers found the rainbow connection yet … I gave up

With the Poom Ping Ping! Listen to the ill style that I bring bring!

I cannot WAIT till the NFL Draft

Let’s make paper airplanes … we can go outside and throw them … then run and pick them up and throw them some more

Someone buy me a Cobra Rattler G1

Went to the mall there was nothing there I really wanted … I like that

Lemonade is DELICIOUS I can see why it’s still a popular drink,… it always has been you know?

Christina Hendricks needs to be on some Marvel Movie somewhere
… I say make her Dazzler or put her in Thor 2 Enchantress … or Rogue

Triple FAT Goose >

Sharpies are dope … The gray one? Yep!

I had a quasi convo with one of the most annoying people I’ve met on social networks … I would prefer to never experience that again


Some people’s common sense has insufficient funds

Amber Rose is getting less attractive … shame

I tweeted I remember seeing Buffy Carruth and thinking: Wiping must be a CHORE!

Frozen Reese’s Cups … Frozen Kit-Kats but NEVER Frozen Twix

I like when women have nipples like Popeye’s elbows

When Kool Moe Dee broke down all LL Cool J’s “L”s on “Let’s Go” though

“Tryna be me, now LL stands for
Lower Level, Lack Luster
Last Least, Limp Lover
Lousy Lame, Latent Lethargic
Lazy Lemon, Little Logic
Lucky Leech, Liver Lipped
Laborious Louse on a Loser’s Lips
Live in Limbo, Lyrical Lapse
Low Life with the loud raps”

SON! The illest drink on the planet right now …

Next Podcast this week … Gadgets with @TimDogg98 … subscribe, listen … leave a review on iTunes … something

k. bye.

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  • MzKayotic

    What is up with the mango flavor?! Not my favorite fruit or taste.

    Why you gotta trip on LL?! Well if Lip Licking Cool J still put his hand to music… maybe.

    Liked the first Podcast. I totally agree Mary J took soul from R&B and made it this hip Crap these kids listen to today. I feel for them because they missed out on great music.

    I see you’re still into the muscle physique of women. Good for you!

    Why Tevin gotta be Chris Brown on Steroids?! LMAO!

    I think that’s all but I love the Morrison Artwork. Great eye!

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Eh-Neeek-chock! That’s perfect!

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