iThink: Ewoks and Pudding Pops

March 5, 2012

Another weekend in the books … it’s Monday, that means Random Thoughts

I watched almost a whole NBA game yesterday … the Knicks v. Celtics had me somewhat entertained but ultimately … feh
I have more fun with my My Player on NBA 2K12

I still didn’t do Brunch .. prolly cuz I was broke; shoutouts to Bills

This lady’s lips were so chapped; it looked like her mouth had eczema

I have some interesting Podcast topics coming up lol

… The reason I have the Podcast set up the way I do is because even if you’re not interested in the main topic the first segment and the last segment (which are off topic) might appeal to you
.. Plus I got dope commercials and production son!

I remember the fudge and vanilla swirl Jell-O pudding pops … I thought those were sent from up above!

The 90s was the last time Pop culture was worth anything

They never said the word “Ewok” in Return of the Jedi, so how did we know what they were called when we were little?

… Vader also never said “Luke, I am your father” … what is going on with our memories

Do they still have bubblegum machines?

Drago on Rocky … on Sega Genesis was damn near impossible to beat … LOVED that game!

It is virtually impossible to make a good Superman movie … he’s just too bland and powerful a character

Maybe the bus was short because there weren’t that many of those types of children … makes for a cozy ride I’d suspect
(As I pretend I didn’t ride on it lol)

Bottle cap candy were great but I only remember the Root beer ones

No Show girlfriend on American Idol I don’t think this year … eff!

The Voice However I have some candidates
Sera Hill
Erin Martin
Angel Taylor

And Christina on Survivor

I don’t enjoy online gaming … the best video gaming is one on one in person … couch wars like the old days

What happened to Portia de Rossi? She had the best hair EVER!

People will read, skip the comment section and respond to me on Twitter lol Hey, either way I appreciate you reading

Loosey by Das Efx is hilarious when you understand what it’s about lol

Speaking of #2 Lil Kim in 95 … Lil Kim in 2012

Yeah I’m pro apple but I’m saying Droid users have too many devices and too many operating systems, some only on some phones, and then a new one comes out and etc etc etc … too much to think about

Since you’re actually reading this, I’ll give you the scoop … Next podcast is a spotlight episode where I’m talking Nas’ album illmatic with @crecks
My first segment will be me and the first meal I learned to cook, and my top 5? I forget … but hey you have the advanced details! lol
Drops at the end of the week

… Speaking of which: Any show topics you’d like on the podcast? Leave them in the comments

I’ve been seriously slacking on my Words with Friends games … I’ve been busy dangit!

When I realized that movie was “John Carter” and NOT “John Connor” I immediately lost interest.

Olympic Year … and hopefully that means more Mattie Larson

I watch the Food network, love the shows; wouldn’t eat a damn thing they cook tho lol

I’ll find something to do … next someone

What happened to regular cheese popcorn? Not the White Cheddar mess… yellow! lol

When reality shows: Idol, The Voice, Top Chef, Survivor, etc… Starts to show me contestants home life and their struggle …I turn
I don’t care about your stupid kid
That you lost your job
That you have webbed feet
… shut up and sing!

iPad 3 is about to be released … lemme gather up some funds

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  • Lamar The Revenger

    I love it!

  • Corey chapman

    Same with me and the food network. I am too picky an eater to try any of the stuff the make. Give me a steak and potatoes and leave me alone!

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