Dime Lines AD: intoxicant

August 31, 2007


She walks in sexy Cinnamon and Chocolate
Smell gets me drunk, She’s my fav intoxicant

Soft kiss, a hug…damn the embrace
Got candles lit…look at the light hit her face

She undresses to lace
sheer and sexy…something black

Sits down next to me
Rub arms , kiss her back

She gives a small peck
I’m 1/2 Erect
Gets up behind then massages neck

Can’t wait for what’s next

To the Bedroom we go
Clothes hit the floor…into her mouth I melt slow

Soft licks
Warm lips
This is Super head

Can’t take it anymore
Pick her up throw her on the bed

Legs spread Devils food cake
Soft and sweet
Moist head splits the lips
sunk en in the sheets

Slow rhythm, phallic veins massage her clitoris
Breaths deepen as the stroke becomes vigorous

Outstretched hands clinch the sheets tight
Erotic movements the shadows fight in the candlelight

That’s my…damn, you’re hittin my spot
I’m gonna…
Oh Shit Oh Shit!
Her Hips Drop

Legs wrap around my waist
Thighs soaked
Sweet secretion
Saturates with each stroke

She says that “it’s mine”
my second favorite line
The First is “I’m Cummin” and this is the third time

Legs rest on shoulders
to the side I pull over
She’s on her back, me; my side as I hold her

Thrust and she busts, I masturbate her simultaneous
Ecstasy is seemingly easy to obtain with us

One last thrust
As she screams in passion
Cinematic Triple X action

If you could only imagine

She flips over all fours unsolicited

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  • http://thek-spot.blogspot.com/ Keli

    I LIKE!

  • http://shesopinionated.com B. Good

    What?? What happens next??? Now I’m all hot, lol. Thanks 🙂

  • http://sarccastikisback.blogspot.com The Sarccastik Sidestepper

    i’m digging the soundtrack…that’s ol’skool ain’t it…is keith murray?!!?? lawd jeezus..

  • http://thewannabecynic.blogspot.com Wannabe

    Damnn…I need some cold water

  • http://lovesjanuari.blogspot.com januari

    Smell gets me drunk, She’s my fav intoxicant

    I love that line… I haven’t had it like that in a long long long time… I need a man..damn…someone I can do that with a lot. I like this one, it was hot.

  • http://lavendersquirts.blogspot.com DivineLavender

    I am a chocolate candy bar!

    Stay up…if you need help….go to my spot.

    Divine Lavender, Squirting E’verywhere!

  • http://abitofeverythingbymizjj.blogspot.com/ MizJJ

    I need to get some sex! Lol. I like this post.

  • Patrice

    What a cliff hanger! What happens next? Dang, why you gotta leave ya girl hanging like that… sigh


    this is the stuff *wet* dreams are made of 🙂

  • Boss Lady

    This along with the pictures in the other thread…got me…ready…to…go…get…mmmmmmmmm

  • http://www.thegoddess.blog-city.com The Goddess

    WOOOO Weeeee! LOL


    My, oh my……I reallllllly like this one 🙂 Kinda flustered……good job!

  • http://www.coroflot.com/rahviance rahviance

    this is 1 of my top 2! me LIKES!
    ….don’t know how i missed it, until now!

  • dejanae411

    u just gon leave a sista hangin?

  • http://www.mystery2you.blogspot.com MysTery

    Oooooo nausty!

  • marinate


  • http://srjparks.blogspot.com Sdot


  • http://pathsnottaken.blogsome.com Erica C.

    That’s Sooooooo Damn Hot!!!!!!!

  • http://girlfromparkheights.blogspot.com MsCharlee

    Oh my!

    What else can be said that hasn’t already?

  • toi

    Wow tasteful yet greatly enticing . I’m really feeling this one. I feel bad for those of us who don’t have n e idea when or where such things will occur again. lol!!

  • free

    i was referred to your site….my my my my you do know how to keep a woman on her toes….definitely wanting more

  • http://www.renaissanceblackwoman.blogspot.com Eb

    She already came 3 times… how many more times after the …

    you cant just leave it like that…

  • beautifulgyrlJ

    U know I like this one…yummy…

  • http://Fourpageletter.wordpress.com Keisha Brown

    *finger snaps.
    *gets a towel and glass of water. Lawd!

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