iThink: Bit-o-Honey and Front Butt

March 12, 2012

Pretty Good weekend … The Mall got me a gain and fed my shoe addiction
Jordan 14s and some Prada Sneakers

Special shoutouts to everyone that’s downloaded, listened and more importantly commented/left iTunes reviews for the podcast … really appreciated

Working with Autodesk 2012 … you could care less


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When you see the hips coming toward you and you anticipate turning around to see \o/ and get /o\ instead #unappreciation

I’m totally against spelling “Favorite” with a ‘u’

If I had glow sticks I’d be compelled to twirl them … Thank God I dont (They played “Moves like Jagger 12 times in a row) lol

Blue Moon or Corona?

According to this bar, there’s a correlation of some sort with pigment, melanin, and rhythm lol

I dont recognize Mohawks as authentic unless they go over the ear and connect in the back like Mr. T


Cassie > Rihanna

Lemonade is incredible … regular is even better than pink

But what was the ant doing with that rubber tree plan in the first place?
… high hopes or not

House of Lies … favorite show on TV

They remade 21 Jump Street into a movie (sigh) they made the 21 Jump Street movie a comedy (sigh)

Why is it called “Spread Eagle”? … Bald Eagle … Now you’re talking

Long week ahead .. I’ll be in Jersey this week; anyone wanna show me around?
… or show me some Bald Eagle?

Disney characters are bland and boring

I think i’d try Fantasy Baseball … but it would have to be a league with cool people otherwise I’d lose interest.

I miss the L Word

So I had the Dorito’s Tacos at Taco Bell … can’t say I’ll have many of them but they were pretty damn good for Taco Bell

I love women

Thinking about leaving Clinique and use LAB Series now … we’ll see

Vote on the poll (On the Right) … Coolest Sitcom character:

Mike Seaver
Ricky Stratton
Parker Lewis
Zach Morris
Alex P. Keaton

Podcast is on Stitcher Radio … iTunes … and this site! Multiple ways to get tired of me!

There are tons of Adult Entertainers but this Semmie deSuora … you know how I adore legs and toned arms and backs and the like; just yeah.

Target always smells like Oxygen, Hot Dog Water, Melted Plastic and Sorrow

I couldn’t watch “The Announcement” on ESPN about Magic Johnson … worst day of my NBA fan life … and prolly the beginning of the end of me enjoying the game

Buy me some lotion

… but do you subscribe to THIS site?

OH! There’s an email address for the podcast, I’ll have to remember to put that at the end on the next show

Why must you close your eyes when you kiss? What if you don’t? Stupid kissin and stupid eyes … Ima look … Ima stare you down … Ima slob you down
… Ima sex you up
… all night
OoooohOOOoohhhh Ooooh
wait. what?

Rochelle Aytes

Hey it’s March Madness! Hey it’s the last chance I have to gamble until Football season starts

Special shoutouts to General Geekery, UnderScoopFire, Claymation Howl, The Cold Slither Crew, Brian Morin, EngineerNerd, iAmBigBen87, and Lamar The Revenger for hitting the site and commenting … thank you for reading

Women with Front Butt #Unappreciation

A Head of lettuce … what about the rest of the body of lettuce?

But why is Jet magazine so small anyway?

I woulda thought that people would subscribe to the #appreciation site … meh fun to do and look at though
… by the way vote on the poll

LOL there’s a lot of topics on this site … swords to relationships to spagheti-os lol

My back hurts

Ashes to Ashes we all fall down?
… That’s DEATH! … WHY are you teaching kids to sing about dies and turning into ashes?
… same parents that put that baby in the treetop

Why isn’t there a Bit O Honey ice cream flavor?

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  • Will

    Jet is that size because Blacks could only have magazines that were 2/3 the size of white magazines. It’s in the Bible and everything.

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Thanks for the shout! It’s true about March Madness.

  • iAmBigBen87

    Mexican women are ususally the culprits of front butt

  • Tonya

    All Michael J. Fox characters are cool.

    The Lion King hyena’s are hilarious.

    Bald ..

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