Top 10 Childhood Games (Outside)

March 20, 2012

Back in the days when kids played outside … used their imagination, had fun there were certain games that we all played
of course there are variants in the rules and names but the basic premises were world wide
Amazing since we grew up in the days of no internet and expensive ass long distance these games got around … everywhere and at the same time lol
Anyway, I made my top 10 all – time favorite Childhood games

Only one rule: No accessories … meaning no balls, rocks, chalk, just kids and their imaginations (and a home base lol)

And we start with …

10. Forty Forty

Less violent game but still fun … basically instead of tagging people you’d eliminate them by seeing them lol
So you’d have home base and everyone else would have to get to home base WITHOUT being seen
… whoever is it goes around and when they see someone they have to go back to home base and touch it and say who they saw and where
Last person caught is “it” if no one is caught “it” stays “it”

9. Red Rover

We’d go outside and stand in two lines holding hands (You’re cheating if you linked up arm to hand lol) sometimes we’d thug it out and go wrist to hand and you’d “Red Rover Red Rover send eclectik right over …or they’d call you over
and you’d get your juggernaut on and try and run through the chain of people in the other line!
If you got through you get to pick one of those losers that you broke through to be on your team in your chain, if you were a wuss and couldn’t break the chain then your punk ass had to join their chain lol

You had to play with people you liked or trusted otherwise they’d raise their hands and you’d get a Scott Stiner Clothesline across the neck piece LOL

8. Ringolevio

This game definitely changes names and rules depending on where you are but basically you’d have two teams and one would count while the other hides
Then you’d have to go and catch a member of the other team and put them in “jail” (Usually a porch or some steps or something) the only way it works is to grab the person and say “Ringolevio 123 123” and then you can put them in jail
BUT if you don’t get the whole thing out before they break out of your grasp then they are still free (You have to hold them and get the whole phrase out)
So the goal was to get everyone in “jail” BUT if someone from that team was NOT captured they could free people from jail by getting to the jail and tagging his team saying “All in Free” … game went on FOREVER!
… and you couldn’t have people goaltending or baby sitting in front of the jail either … that was cheating!

7. King of the Hill/King of the mountain

This was that game! (I miss when we could be violent lol) Basically you’d stand at the top of a hill and all of your friends would stand at the bottom of it and they would all try to run up and take you down/knock you down … the “King of the Hill” would knock all the people down that tried to get up there … roll them fools back down that joint to the ground son!
Oh and when we played in the SNOW!? Mannnnnn

6. Tag

Classic Tag … no frills … no extras You Bubble Gum Bubble Gum it out and choose who’s going to be “it” designate Home Base and the then you’d get to chasing lol
Last person tagged is it … call No Tag backs too! Eff All that!

The Top 5 will be released on the next episode of the eclectik discussion podcast in my Top 5 segment … tune in! lol

Comments?! Thoughts?!

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  • MzKayotic

    I love this! I was just telling my nephew the other day about the games we used to play outside. He said, “Nahia what is Red Rover?”. Oh man I was so giddy he wanted to know! He wanted to play by we didnt have enough folks to play! So much fun!!

    OMG I forgot about King of the Hill! We had a sand mountain and my mom would always get in my behind about getting sand in my hair. I had a Jheri Curl back in the day. Don’t judge!

    Good post. Can’t wait for the podcast for the next 5!

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Red Rover was a classic game we’d play at my cousins.. then after it get dark we’d play Night Hide ‘n Seek.

  • Bracelet Question

    Ola! Eclectikrelaxation,
    Thanks, on a related note, It seems like a lot of classic childhood games that were played outside with little or no equipment, gadgets and the like are getting lost. Kids are not hearing about these games much of the time, much less how to play them.

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