EDP05 – Spinsanity! w/ @Spindeezy

March 21, 2012

The newest edition of the eclectik discussion podcast is here!

This week we welcome a very special guest to the show Hip Hop icon and pioneer … DJ Spinderella!
(Yes … Push it, Spinderella cut it up one time … not a fella but a girl DJ, Shake your thang video Spinderella!!)

LOL Join us as we discuss, The New York Knicks, What happened to the DJ and Groups in Hip Hop … DJ’ing in Heels
my 1995 Hip Hop Time warp and breaking news about the Def Squad! All of that as well as the first game of “Name the DJ”, of course Spinderella answers the Fifth

Also you will get the top 5 Childhood games we played outside in the outro

Fun to be had by all, give it a listen, comment, Facebook it, Retweet it … enjoy

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Using the eclectik “Enhanced” podcast you can enjoy the show in chapters:
(But no skippin!!!!)

Chapter One: The Intro – Not much randomness, too giddy about my guest and getting to the show lol

Chapter Two: The eclectik discussion theme

Chapter Three: Spinsanity!!! Spinderella is in the building, we discuss Knicks, Hip Hop, and of course The DJ!

Chapter Four: Commercial Break

Chapter Five: Spinderella is back! We play “Name that DJ” and She answers the fifth!

Chapter Six: Commercial Break

Chapter Seven: The outro and My 5 … the conclusion to the Top 10 Childhood games we played outside

Why the Show is random

These are some of the things mentioned in today’s show:

Heels, Asymmetrical haircuts, Kickball, Chalk, DJ Kool Herc, Patrice Rushen, St Ides, Wendy Williams, Broken Fingernails

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Spinderella Podcast it up one time!!

TLC – Tweet … Listen … Comment


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  • http://coldslitherpodcast.com Classick Material

    This is HUGE! Everyone should tell a friend about this great podcast!

  • AmazingJayce

    Spinsanity is alive and well. Big props to having a Queen of hip hop on the show!

  • http://underscoopfire.com howie AKA Generic

    unreal. I couldn’t be happier for you as such as hard worker to pull in such an iconic guest. You are killin’ it on this show. Looking forward to continued success, I hope there’s room on the ‘clec coat tails for us all to ride..

    Impressive how you are able to carry on a conversation with her as if you’ve known her your whole life. I admire that. Well done e.

  • JD

    Holy shit, E, this is awesome. Nice work getting someone of her caliber on your show. Fucking awesome!

  • http://kayoticmayhem.com MzKayotic

    Wow! So you’re huge now!!! I won’t be able to call you a friend no more. “You got money now… You gone change?!?” Robin Harris: “Youuuu GotDamn right I’mma change!!!”

    Nice show as always!

  • coako

    congrats on the interview with spin! again: how did you get it? (LOL) i appreciate spin’s openness to the youngins…. and wait. did you slight go-go?? i always appreciate your background music…

  • coako

    great interview! just finished listening to the entire thing…moving on up (LOL)

  • Dave

    An excellent interview, and glad to hear Spinderella’s take on so many things hip-hop.

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