Dime Lines AD: Cardigan

March 7, 2007


Peanut butter complexion
Golden taste of honey

Personification of Musiq’s song sunny

I got a Mix CD on
My song our Song is playing

Laid back relaxed, in her hair my fingers’ playin

Soft kiss on the lips; they’re lip glossed and shiny
Gets up and straddles me each thigh on the side of me

Incredible embrace
My hands clinch her waist
Lips down her neck 1/2 drunk of her taste

Things are getting strong and long before long
We’re in the bedroom, can still hear the songs

Off with the jeans, the shirt
Hot damn the breasts, I can’t wait to taste

Candlelight reflects off her face

More touchin, and rubbin, and huggin
Damn I’m buggin, it’s about to be sum fuggin

She asks if she could taste me
And I knew what she was thinkin

“I want you to watch”
And that was just what I was thinkin

I saw my self disappear in her soft and supple lips
Long licks and sips glazed while I watch the mouth drip

I’m stone in her hands
Stone in her glands
Grab her head pull her up it’s all that I can stand

Lay on your back lemme show you what you mean to me
Part her legs and was engrossed in the scenery

Groomed like I like it; wet to the touch
Slid the head inside…but not too much

Rubbed around the button then path was fluid laced
Her eyes widen, disbelief in her face

I grab her hips pull her up and fall on top
We both should be seasick the way the boat rocked

Inside the thrust was slow, strong and steady
“Can’t believe I’m about to cum”

C’mon I’m ready

Her legs tighten the right one went straight
Drenched came so hard I swear she lost weight

We were far from finished in fact we just begun
She holds me tight circle my ear with her tongue

Bodies became one
Erotic coreography
Chills down my spine; then spread to every part of me

Damn this has gotta be
Something like a phenomenon
Lustin at her shape, which part will I be cummin on?

She says cum inside of me…I wanna feel you burst
I feel its okay because she had came first

I don’t even wanna know what kinda faces I made lol
I exploded inside the warm and moist cave

Still erect, it jumps as she contracts
Week in the knees damn near gonna collapse

Lay on my back, she lays on my chest
She strokes me slow, finger tips on her breast

My Baby doll face soft and warm as a cardigan
15 minutes later she sucks me hard again


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  • http://www.geminigee.blogspot.com/ GeeGEE

    wow!!! DAMN! I should be so lucky…my fav line
    “Drenched came so hard I swear she lost weight”
    can I sign up for this diet??

  • http://nineteen-sixty-nine.blogspot.com/index.html 1969

    I’m with Gee Gee!

    This one is FIRE!!!!! You put it on us with this one.

  • http://nineteen-sixty-nine.blogspot.com/index.html 1969

    I’m with Gee Gee.

    This one is FIRE!!!!! You put it on us this time, E.

  • prissy

    tightttt….it’s tooooooo early in the AM for me to be feeling the way this poem has me feeling;-)

  • misspyt

    To Prissy – OKAY?!?

    Lawd have mercy!

  • http://thek-spot.blogspot.com/ Keli

    Well, this got my morning started off right! *winks*

  • bayoubeauti

    I think this is one of my top lines E’..all so sensual until you made me laugh with this line…”Damn I’m buggin, it’s about to be sum fuggin” lol

  • http://boundbymyhook.blogspot.com Erica B.

    This one did some things to me… I’m off to take “a shower”! 😉

  • http://ghettoeconomics.blogspot.com Paula D.

    Ummm yeah…….I need to sit still for a minute behind my desk.

  • http://shesopinionated.com B. Good

    “We both should be seasick the way the boat rocked”

    Hell to the Yes! Work the middle, work the middle……

  • http://www.myspace.com/hesgotit Kinkysoul

    You have a way with words that just grabbed me and pulled me into this lil’ wetdream of yours lol…

  • http://lovesjanuari.blogspot.com januari

    um….I want to of those two go…. Where can I purchase some lovin like that at???

    that was hot and I’m sad because I wants some now…and it is too early and I have no one…damn..

  • http://lavendersquirts.blogspot.com DivineLavender

    real or thoughts?

  • http://maimaimommy.blogspot.com tjeanise

    Dang boy- I AM AT WORK—–you got me ready to knock off the mail boy!!

  • Ms. Lee

    We both should b seasick… That’s wassup!

    I’m pretty much signing up for the Eclectik fan club right now. Well after I take care of something real quick…

  • MsSula

    Great way to end my day… Hot Damn!

  • http://roycesdaughter.blogspot.com Roycee

    WHOA!! I haven’t even had my coffee yet HA! Sounds like someone has been enjoying themselves a lot during my absence. Wonderful!!!!

  • valentine

    Watch yo muthafuggin mouth niggaaa!!!
    This is the type of shit that’ll make you go get at a nigga and be mad cause he didn’t live up to this shit. It’s a great fantasy though.

  • Miss B.

    This is my absolute favorite dime lines…got me thinking naughty thoughts at work and what not.

    Geez…I need that in my life…forreal 🙂

  • http://thewannabecynic.blogspot.com bonbabe

    This is brilliant … your best one yet

  • imma daddy’sgirl

    WOW!! That is awesome…. I was certainly there!!

  • http://srjparks.blogspot.com Sdot

    How come my fav part is when you grab her head….YES!
    E’s workout plan…where/when/how do I sign up??? 😉

  • http://srjparks.blogspot.com Sdot

    Oh the hell…forgot its WAY past 14 days huh…DAYUM!

  • http://www.renaissanceblackwoman.blogspot.com Eb

    for real this time… I am about to go take a shower… I cant take it E…lol

  • beautifulgyrlj

    Woo…. I’m hot right about now LoL. And I had to open the window behind my desk to get a breeze.

    I grab her hips pull her up and fall on topWe both should be seasick the way the boat rocked
    – Favorite Line… That was tight!

  • http://www.adornbymsl.com sewafrolicious

    ….DAMN, …..biting my lip….DAMN….curled up in the fetal position…..DAMN…….dozing off….ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… THAT WAS FIAH!

  • http://thenewgee.blogspot.com geeknee

    still my fav! damn!

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