iThink: Peanut Butter, Bacon, Baileys

March 26, 2012

“When you lie, kiss your baby bye bye bye. And if you’re true, the whole wide world will laugh with you.”

New Monday … more randomness!

… not like you guys look forward to it, but I still be typin it

Ohio State won! Awwww yeah MFrs!

I’m still alive in the bracket that I have NO money on so yay me … feh

Kristin Kreuk #appreciation

Thinking about some changes to the site … dunno yet

Welp according to the poll Alex P Keaton is officially the coolest sitcom character of the 80s
edging out Parker Lewis (Who I supposed suffered his first loss) so he will be enshrined in the forthcoming eclectik pop culture GOAT wing

Shoutouts to you for downloading and listening to the podcast … and thank you for spreading the word

Flaming Hot Cheetos … why are they so damn delicious?

I need to get back to my Xbox … maybe this weekend

Christina on Survivor

I adore appleTV

Okay, so I never watched Mad Men … EVERYONE that watches it 3’s all over themselves about how good it is so I decided to watch it (Corey and Joe)
So I watched the first season over the weekend and it’s … ok
It’s not “Must See” TV I wouldn’t put it in the top anything I’ve seen yet BUT it is something to watch, I’ma stick with it a little longer; I’m on season 2 now
But Re: Season 1

  • She really didn’t know she was preggo? Really?
  • That Pete guy should die I hate him
  • What’s with the weird boss and taking shoes off?
  • Is that one guy Gay or not?
  • Why doesn’t Don smang his wife?
  • That “real” Don/Dick back story was feh. who cares?
  • The guy has 2 heart attacks and shows up season 2 like nothing happened?
  • Why is awful Jan Joe fantasizing about the AC man?
  • Who is that chick that is her best friend?
  • Really? A lock of her hair creepy kid?

… Okay ima stop, supposedly “Breaking Bad” is better, maybe I’ll take a look

The Ultimate Fighter still rocks! Love that show

They are remaking Robocop AND Judge Dread? … great.
I was absolutely clamoring for these reboots

So what I’m doing now is going through my iTunes and organizing my music … adding dates and art and titles to anything that doesn’t have it
… it’s tedious but I’m too particular to not do it … then I’ll remake my playlists and then I’ll be happies

Can that sequel to Star Trek hurry the F up?

I didn’t see The Hunger Games … maybe I’ll rent it on iTunes next year lol

LOL I often quote or recite the #EDP intro theme when I’m out and about … that’s funny

Peanut Butter and Bacon Sandwiches … and Bailey’s

Draw something … I finally have it and it’s pretty fun (Even with my fat fingers lol) NO shoutouts for the people that only do one coin words! lol

Spring time = New Wardrobe and this pleases me

I hate that everyone has an iPhone now … I miss exclusivity; like when most people didn’t have it, couldn’t afford it, pretended they didn’t want it … not 7 year olds have my damn phone
Eff! I need them to make iPhone: Premium or the Velvet Rope edition

Pizza: Peperoni, Beef, Banana Peppers, Extra Cheese

I have a favorite everything … I’ll have to start doing them in posts again

Tecmo Bowl needs to be online … a full league and season would be the incredible

For the most part Blogging is dead, Twitter and Facebook has put an end to just about any other social media … remember message boards?

The fact that they are green is the FIRST reason you shouldn’t eat Green Eggs and ham … i’m just saying

Sneakers … I love Sneakers … I hate Shoeboxes though

I could just kick it on Skype with people … it’s fun

Jetsons was a sham! Where is my fold up Jeep Grand Cherokee!?

Mannnnn Now & Laters don’t even come in the white wax paper anymore!

Lemme hold $3.75 till graduation

I cared about Blu Ray vs. HD DVD and now I don’t need/use DVDs at all … eh.

Here’s the thing, the 2000’s are so irrelevant as far as pop culture … so much so anytime I think of new school or 5 or 10 years ago I still think 90’s
… these 2000 and 2010’s mess can go away

I bet that American Reunion movie is funny … I bet I won’t see that till 2013 as well

The truth is, no one really cares what I look like … also about a Roni

“Push the little daisies and make them come up!”

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  • rachel

    I say, never post your face. (Even though I really do wanna see what you look like). This way, if you’re ugly, the ladies can always just pretend that you are as handsome as your voice sounds. 🙂 lol

    Listening to your latest #edp today. I know, I know, I am slacking. See ya on the twitter!

    Rachel aka getoffmyplanet

  • Msdailey

    Hey good post.
    Might you do an intro to apple tv so I can take advantage of mine and use it sense you are always singing it’s praises?

    I turned mine on this weekend for about 30 mins that was it.

  • SharePointJoe

    You are making enemies re: Mad Men. Lol. No you’re right about a lot of things. But the whole Don/Dick thing is huge. It pretty much tells you the story of a man suffering inside (as a child and as a man).

    My suggestion- give MadCast a listen. (Yes i’m pimpin’ our podcast).

    On the flip- Mad men is not everyone’s cup of tea. I get it. Just like I don’t like Lost, others won’t like Mad Men. That’s the way it goes. But stick w/it.

    -Battle Armor Joe

  • Elle Boogie

    message boards were the she-i-IT!!! I aint gonna front I still pop on a few every now and then and lurk…don’t judge me.

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