Top 10 Sports Video Games

March 28, 2012

In a discussion I was having with some people on Twitter I explained that the only videogames that I buy are Sports games and Fighting games (Cept for the wii games of course lol
… anyway I figured O’d do a top 10 list of some sort so why not a Top 10 Sports video games post?!
No real restrictions here, I’m not counting motorcross so Excite Bike is excluded (But it wouldn’t be top 10 anyway lol)
… pretty much the “sports” I didnt consider wouldn’t be in the top 10 regardless

Factored in: Game Play, Replay ability, Classic status, Best in category, Fun factor, and my damn opinion!

blah blah blah let’s get to the F’n List!

10. ESPN NFL 2K5

This is a sentimental pick because a TON of people get in their feelings about the 2K franchise …
(it’s not better than Madden LOL)
Visually it might be the greatest ever though, It was dope with the ESPN presentation and highlights, the fact that EA hasn’t duplicated this yet is asinine!
I could never really get with the controls myself but I respect it as one of the greatest NFL games ever.
AND they sold that joint for $20! unheard of!

9. NBA Jam TE

“He’s Heating up!!”
NBA jam was a staple on college campuses everyone had their Fav team duos and strategies some played the three some drove … The defense was key too … The game was competitive and hilarious … They need a legends edition for XBox
On wii it’s dope too!!
“He’s on Fire!!!!”

8. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey was dope because of the strategy you get to play
You had the fat strong guys
The skinny fast guys
And the medium all around guys
And you could pick what combination of them you want on your team
It is a classic!

7. Madden 94

I think 94 is the one it might be 95
Whichever one that introduced the one arm down for the RB … Like he’d put or down to keep balance it was dope … Madden was so much more fun back then … 3 buttons
And I had that big ass poster with all the teams and player ratings, we would put that on the wall and pick our teams and have tournaments all day … The passing windows were sucker deals but the ambulance coming through was Classic!!!

6. Blades of Steel

We thought NES ice hockey was life but then they came with Blades of steel which was like the double dribble on ice … it had more teams but the most important thing was the dropping of the gloves and the side scrolling fight! We’d duke it out on that joint! So much fun

5. !!?!?!?!??

The Top 5 will be released on the next episode of the eclectik discussion podcast in my Top 5 segment … tune in!
There’s some SNUBS!lol

Comments?! Thoughts?!

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  • Shareef

    Here’s a few off the top of the dome

    Tecmo Bowl
    Joe Montana Sports Talk Football
    Mutant League Football
    NBA Jam Tournament edition (improved on the original in every possible way)
    Arch Rivals
    Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
    Out Run
    Super Mario Kart (if you consider this is a sport, it’s easiy #1)

  • 12kyle

    Not a bad list, e. Again…you and I agree??? Something is seriously wrong. LOL

  • Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    Glad to see 2 hockey games in the Top 10.

    Blades….. of Steel!

  • Brian Morin

    I will be listening for the top 5. I have my ideas of what they will be. Tecmo Super Bowl as to be in there somewhere.

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