Do I Do: Yeastie Boys

April 6, 2012

Things that I do and think … are you as random (or ridiculous) as I am?


Look at kids act a fool in public and wish they’d trip and fall sometimes?

Have a special place to hide your porn?

See everything you want when you have NO money?

Only give compliments when someone deserves them?

Laugh at women wearing the low rise Jeans and that muffin fat that sticks out the top?

Think that Dreads are not for everyone?

Drink alcohol that tastes good, and not because it’s alcohol?

Think that any restaurant that has Chicken fingers is allllright?

Listen to peoples problems but sometimes want to say “Shut up damn! Waaah Waaah Waaahhhh”?

Have to use the restroom going home and notice that it gets worse and worse the closer you get to your door?

Want to see Michelle Obama and Oprah in a pop locking contest?

Wonder why women still take pictures with one hand on their hip and their ass to the camera?

Think they should do a “A different World” reunion show?

Wonder why women still take pictures with the duck face?

Think that personality or something else matters over looks because Halle can’t keep a man?

Want my blog to be updated everyday?

Know that you’ll get your hand smacked trying to reach for my sour patch kids muh fuka?

Do you wonder how your belly button (navel) gets dirty?

Wash your hands in public restrooms and use the paper towels to open the door?

Love new shoe leather smell?

People watch interracial couples and think…if you’re going to go that way, you could’ve done better than THAT!?

Season food till it ‘looks’ right?

Think French fries are the greatest?

Think that Timbs with shorts looks outright ridiculous

Eat pizza crust first?

Purposely leave your alarm set so that Saturday you can turn it off and go back to sleep, and feel like you’re skipping work?

Notice that when you start making more money your bills go up?

Wish you understood the opposite sex?

Think Men wearing Skinny Jeans prolly got Yeasty Balls

Just want to do NOTHING on the weekend, but always end up doing SOMETHING?

Miss Soul and R&B?

Think people at work should do more working and less other peoples business minding?

Always press ‘0’ as soon as you hear a recording on the phone?

Wish that you could trust people?

Spend a lot of money on your mother?

Still buy toys?

Want sex without commitment sometimes?

Wish football season would just hurry up already?

Listen to the eclectik discussion podcast?

Want to just go up to somebody and go “FLA-OR FLAVVVVVV!!!”?


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  • Lamar The Revenger

    My brother & I did the Fla-or Flav thing thru junior high all the time… in fact that gives me an idea.. I need to harass him with that..

  • Caramel-Sundae2.o

    All these things…#Appreciation- especially the yeasty balls! *Fell out*

  • iAmBigBen87

    I want sex without commitment ALL THE TIME

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