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April 13, 2012

You know what I Miss?

I miss when you didn’t know a albums release date

I remember when we use to buy Tapes <–Yes tapes or Albums based on The Cover
If someone looked cool or had a fly cover we copped it.

Then, people would like show up with the new whatever-whatever and then you’d either dub theirs or you go get it
You didn’t know it was out till SOMEONE else had it

MAN if you had a dual cassette player it was ON!

I miss when the Single wasn’t the best/only good song the CD

Nowadays, If someone comes out with a new single odds are it’s the best song on the CD
AND since it’s the best song on the CD you won’t even like it anymore because they are going to play it on the radio 7,052 times before the whole joint comes out.

PLUS back when, the Tape/Album/CD had bangers on it, almost any song coulda been a single…and artists had more than one single/video

Mike would release a CD and have like 5 Videos to it…now? They drop one single a video for it and that’s a wrap
(Unless it’s Yonce…but you get the point)

I miss When the artist was the only person on the Album

So many damn “Collabos” and Mash ups and Special guests on a fukin release, you start to wonder whose Album it is
It use to be a big deal when people were on the track together…typically it was the last song too and NEVER the single
NOW when someone comes out, what do people ask? “Who’s all on it?” …damn track listing/back of the CD looks like you’re taking attendance

I miss wanting to know all the words to a song

I remember when something fly came out, you WANTED to know the words because the words were hot or you were impressed with a rap or something; we use to play the song, stop it and remember the words till we could do the whole song … we use to read the liner noted of an album or tape end to end
NOW you learn the words to songs you NEVER wanted to know because it’s on the radio every day all day…you just find yourself talkin bout “Swag” this and “Maybach” that
UGH…disgusting your own damn self

I miss when you could tell the difference between Hip Hop and R&B

Me? I Blame Mary J Blige (Well and everyone else)
Alls I know is there was a time when someone was labeled a singer they’d…
1. Sing
2. Have Songs on their release
3. Have Melodies and often time REAL music on it.

Now “R&B” artists sample more than rappers…well not really they just get all the Rap producers to do their songs
Singing over Hip Hop tracks USE to be a bonus or…wait for it…a REMIX!
That’s right a REMIX of the original NON Hip Hop sounding track…THAT’S when you’d have a rapper on it…the REMIX

Ever since Mary blew up with 411 and the REMIX album it’s been the same mess…that’s what killed R&B and created “Neo-Soul” (Which is a dumb term… aint NEW)

I miss when it was one urban radio station and they played more than 10 songs

Remember when you’d go out of town and had to listen to the radio you’d ask “What’s the radio station here?” The answer was ONE station cuz they knew what you meant
And you’d hear a familiar song or two but you’d hear different songs the whole time! MOST times you’d her some brand new ish so when you went back home you’d say “Yo I was wherever-wherever and I heard the new this or that…” OR you’d tape it off the radio and take it home with you.

NOW? This is your radio station:
Southern Rapper
Song named after a dance
Young guy singer
Southern Rapper featuring Minaj
Lil Wayne

(and mind you I don’t even listen to regular radio) … shoutouts to Backspin (Sirius)

When you wanted to listen to a new CD more than once all the way through

The only artists I can count on is Erykah Badu, Ghostface, Redman and MF Doom…everyone else it’s hit or miss
but I remember when you’d get a new joint and listen to it…ALOT because it was new and it was hot
Now we buy things just to say we have the new one (if you’re buyin at all) but you’d pop it in listen, like 2 or 3 songs and you prolly wont listen to the WHOLE joint again ever.

When Videos for artists were must see!

I miss when someone had a new video, you HAD to see it, cuz people talked about them…there was discussion lol
That was when videos had themes and went with the song etc etc

Meh, I dunno…I just miss music.

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  • Caramel-Sundae2.o

    My sentiments exactly! I have literally nothing else to add. Well done!

  • Lamar The Revenger

    Amen my friend. Amen.

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