EDP10 – Super Mario Intervention w/ @JCorduroy

April 26, 2012


  • Was Mario from The Super Mario Bros franchise really a Stalker and Drug Addict?
  • The signs are there, were the games one big Magic Mushroom/LSD Trip?
  • Was there really a princess?
  • If So, what would she be doing with a short pudgy plumber from the BK?
  • Why couldn’t Mario hold a job?

Join me and this week’s guest @JCorduroy as we discuss Mario and his strange tendencies as well as the rest of the NES games plus The Fifth and more!





Chapter List *Enhanced Podcast* (When using an iPhone, iPad, or iTunes)

Chapter One: After School fun

Chapter Two: The #EDP theme

Chapter Three: Was Mario a Drug Addict Stalker?

Chapter Four: Commercial Break

Chapter Five: Special Guest @JCorduroy

Chapter Six: Commercial Break

Chapter Seven: @JCorduroy vs. The Fifth

Chapter Eight: Commercial Break

Chapter Nine: My 5 and Outro

Why the show is random – Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Mushrooms, Acid, LSD, clouds, donkey Punch, Volleyball, Double dutch, Milk Crates, Peach, Mario, Farting, Scratch and Sniff, Adele, Hot Pockets, Tube Socks

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