May 4, 2012

Preface: We ALL know I love me some women…only thing that could be better than a woman is football and shopping 🙂

Men are the cause and the inventers or “Pretty Girl Disease”

…and I say there’s nothing more important than being a pretty woman…the world is your playground
it’s true…its ROUGH on the rough lookin women…if any of you are reading…my bad.


Why is sex about pleasing the woman?

I mean I’m ALL about pleasing the woman (cuz I’m the shit) but…just because you’re a woman doesn’t give you “lay like a dead fish pass
…not give it 3 licks and done…never get on top…damnit.
Why are relationships about keeping women happy?
…kid gloves you gotta treat women…don’t make her mad…don’t upset her

What about upsetting the guy? Pissing him off
…women Piss men off ON PURPOSE!
For fun
To see how much he cares
To test him


Just because women have babies they so dang special?

Dating is about the woman

Women control dating AND sex AND relationships

Woman doesn’t want sex? You aint havin it
Woman doesn’t want to date/see you anymore? It’s over

A woman can talk a man into sex and a relationship (for the most part depending) when they want to

…partly because a lot of us men are stupid and gullible…but you shut up lol.

Pull out the chair…hold the door

Don’t say anything about their weight

Don’t ask their age

Compliment women

Don’t yell or curse at women
…not saying you’re supposed to our should…but a woman will call a man out his name 30 different ways…his mother is 12 types of bitches
Dick the size of a damn Tylenol capsule…all types of shit

A man does it to a woman? Verbal abuse! He’s abusive…leave him girl. He aint no good

…not saying a man should do that…but why must a man put up with it from a woman?

…oh she was on her monthly.
Get out of here, Bleedy McBleederton; you knew it was coming on, take yo ass elsewhere till you’re civil then

Who the hell are you supposed to be?

Men do what they are taught by their mothers (woman) and there’s nothing wrong with that
Girls are taught how they are supposed to be treated by their mothers (woman) so..That’s that

The father is just there along for the ride (If he aint left yet)

It’s a cycle
Women can (and do) treat men like straight sewage…and its fine.

Hit men
Key their car
Bust out the windows
Call them for free meals
Say babies are theirs when they are not
Say they are pregnant to get abortion money and go party with it
Withhold sex for other shit
…Mothers Day…Valentines Day…All for and about women

Can the man have some stuff? Father’s day is a joke
…and what about the men that are NOT fathers? What they get? Gimme a “cuz you gottadik day”

EVERYDAY is vagina day

Women get just because gifts…free shit for being cute…ladies night at spots…ladies before 11 get in free

Sex sales on TV…women though…not men though
Seriously…pull out the chair before she eats?
Stand up when a woman arrives or leaves the table?

Old school right? Extra right? But it’s what “you were supposed to do” and some still do
Shidddddd….you better sit yo ass down and eat yo whopper!

There are NO “Rules” for men…how women are supposed to treat men…not a one

Oh my bad…feed him.
Some bull.

Women got a whole Vagina aisle in the grocery store

Men are dogs…everyone knows that….dont call a woman a bitch though?
ITS A FEMALE DOG! Why you so special?

We’re taught to…

Treat women with respect
etc etc etc

Which is fine…I agree…but aint NOBODY taught to treat men in those same civilized ways

Back whenever…when “roles” were defined (which was bull) a woman would do certain things and get no props or acknowledgement for it
…but all those “rules” were put in place to kinda show appreciation

mannn…women dont do nunna that stuff no more…I see a woman as my equal, she can do the same stuff I can
…even pee standing up (it’ll be all down her leg though…unless she do pelvic thrusts…wait what?)

But yeah…I dunno someobody just was talkin about the opening the car door stuff and hold the door for the woman stuff

Mannn get in the car! Why? Cuz it’s nice to do? Okay. so when a woman is driving wouldnt it be nice for her to do it?
Okay, so when the woman is driving does the man go to the driver side and open HER door?
Then what the fuk?

Hold the door? WHY? Your arm broke? Whoever gets there first…hold it

I mean I understand being polite…but WHY does being polite only work ONE way towards the woman?

Yall aint shit lol

Puahahahaha I be soundin bitter!!!! I aint mad at nobody…aint nobody piss in my cherrios..

BUT since I’m me…if I think somefin I’ma say it…I aint scared of yall!


…I dont wanna mess nuffin up

I take it all back ladies…gimme kisses…I’m sorriez

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  • rachel

    LOL I love this post. I ain’t mad atcha.

  • Classick Material

    This post is “NO MA’AM” approved! (Hmm-hmm Hmmmmmm!)

  • ArykaNotErika

    Can you imagine the confusion that is lesbian relationships ?
    But yeah, pretty much, we win. Between the all powerful vagina and the hypnotizing breasticles…we win at life. And save money. I cant imagine how much I would’ve spent in drinks and cover charges if it werent for cleavage.

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