Dime Lines AD: 12 to 1

May 16, 2007


As soon as I walk in the erection takes over

Oils are burnin, drunk off the scent fuk sober

She looks incredible

Baby Tee Boy Shorts exceptional

Mouth watering, she’s suckable, likable she’s edible

My cinnamon Swirl, Candy Girl she’s a vision

Minds filled with thoughts of intimate collisions

I bought ice cream

But she’s the one I want to taste

My tongue circles encompassing her special place

My mind race, to her room we walk slow

Watching her silhouette in the Television Glow

Did I mention oh…she was fresh out the shower?

You know how I love that, I could lick for hours

The smell of powder or some type of smell

Whatever it is it’s sexy as hell

She lies beside me

We embrace like electric

Couldn’t keep my hands to myself as expected

The palm slides up and around her torso

Index and thumb nipple licked like a porno

But Slower

The taste is like Honey

Lips envelop her breasts, right hand on her tummy

Feels like she’s cumming

Breaths become erratic,

I feel the wetness, to quench my thirst I’m at it

Past the belly button, I part her lips with my own

Flick my tongue across the clit deep moan

She loves it I can tell how she bucks

I hum to vibrate the button then start with small sucks


I’m so hard I need her now

But I keep lickin her orgasms are intesne, to a growl

Hips gyrate, she moves across the bed

Thighs tighten, both hands on my head

“Cum in my mouth” I say with neck raised

She drenched my lips, my baby girl behaves

Orgasms in waves, I guessin around 5

From oral alone, ears stuck to her thighs

Now I’m alive, erection even stronger

Gold foil ripped, cuz I can’t wait no longer

Slide inside, veins brush her clitoris

Came instantly lips resemble a glitter kiss

The way it glistens, beautiful…she arched her back

I grabbed her waist tightly to watch her react

“Is this what you wanted?” “Yes” she said low

I musta hit the spot her eyes rolled close

Breaths then froze, for a second then next

She loudly said yes, this is incredible sex

Slid to the side, still in side

Lifted her left leg thumb on her clit as I slide

Back and forth, left to right

Then her legs I toss to the side damn. What a sight

Bent over I have her how I envisioned

Back arched lovely sexy ass position

As soon as I enter she lets out a moan

She just does it to me, feels like I’ve grown

The tempo is steady “cum for me” I say

I grab her hair pull slightly I feel it’s on the way

Wet walls tighten, she grabs the sheets clinchin

Her legs shake again she secrets till I’m drenched and

That’s about Orgasm 12 if I counted

She said “I want you in my mouth” And I dismounted

Lay down, I did she took control

Lips ran down my shaft with flicks and tongue rolls

Hand gripped my thickness, she sucks…she twists

When I masturbate alone I mostly think of this

I’m gonna cum SHIT!

“Baby this is it”

She ups the tempo and takes all of it

I’m going crazy, a fukin incredible lady

Swallowed, then got me a glass of juice? That’s my BABY!

We lay and talk, flirt, I lay my head in her lap then

Wake up the next day like that didn’t happen

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  • http://thek-spot.blogspot.com/ Keli


    12 to1 is now my absolute favorite dime line.

  • Patrice

    hott hott HOTT!!!

    I absolutely LOVE this one!

    Your best work EVER!

  • http://jessicasong.net jess


  • cmj_69

    I love this it is so SEXY.

  • http://www.idontknowitsjustmia.com Mia

    I know I may say this for most of the Dime Lines…but this is the Absolute Best!!! Loves It!!

  • Creem

    The visual i got from this…no words E, no words. lol

  • http://thiswomanswork-lashell.blogspot.com/ Erica C.

    WOW, Sexy Stuff!

  • tenacious

    well. damn. i need to take a bathroom break 😉 I will have 2 say this is now my favorite dime lines 🙂

    @ E

    you suck. punk.

  • http://eclectik-relaxation.com/ eclectik

    Thanx family….that onw was fun to write 🙂

    now someone…come act it out wiff me lol

  • carmen

    please excuse me, im going to take a cold shower now……


    I need a change of panties……WOW!! This one left me kinda speechles….

  • Sakeenah

    I wish somebody felt that way about me, maybe one day someone will want me that much

  • http://www.mommylonglegs.blogspot.com wynsters the tigress

    can i showcase this poem in my blog? it’s so hot.

  • http://srjparks.blogspot.com Sdot

    Fuckin shit gotdamn-like Mystikal! WOW! I’m impressed (and that def takes HARD work…yes…pun intended)…damn that I’m turned on…& if you can do ALL that…I’m turned OUT! Wooo Lawd! Lemme…G-O…cus uh…yeah…its real!

  • http://www.renaissanceblackwoman.blogspot.com Eb

    OK… right now… inside and outside I’m wet…

    Thanks E… now I gotta go change my boy shorts… or better yet.. I’m jumping in the shower… too bad you wont be walking threw my door when I get out…lol

    But on the real… this is good stuff… why are you single again??? LOL!

  • beautifulgyrlj

    Mmmmm I had to read this for the 2nd time… Got me feelin some type of way now.

    I’m going crazy, a fukin incredible ladySwallowed, then got me a glass of juice? That’s my BABY!
    -LOVE this part!

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