EDP13 – For the Sport of it w/ @Chapmanrunner

May 23, 2012


Talking sports on this episode of the eclectik discussion podcast, but of course we have to do it the EDP way so that means:

80s and 90s sports
Sports video games
Sports Movies
… and most of all Random sports references (I believe there are a Bill Wennington and Vern Fleming Reference in the show)

This episode starts off with eclectik school troubles:
In school Suspension, getting kicked out of classes, Food fights, and other punishments

After the theme I reflect back on why growing up in the 80s gave you the best of the best when it came to sports
Dynasties from the Lakers, Celtics, 49ers, Cowboys
The Players such as LT, Rice, Magic, Bird, even Ivan Lendl!!!!
Iron Mike Tyson
The Olympic years
… and much more

This show’s featured guest is @ChapmanRunner Mr. Corey Chapman from the MadCast and the UnderScoopFire Website/Podcast


Together we talk Hockey, Basketball, and Football, reflecting on live events, seeing Jordan, Canadian heritage
What is the better trophy: Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy or The Stanley Cup?
We Play eclectik “Rapid Fire” *Sound effect* Where we discuss Sports teams and Sports movies
And listen for the EXCLUSIVE trailer to the Grant Twins film!

The Fifth is of course back and we cover: The Great one, Overrated Teams, play some F,M,K and there’s some Rollin in the deep involved

My 5, iTunes reviews and shoutouts … you know how it goes down with eclectik and Devin!





Why the show is random – Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Hamburger patties, Can Goods, Flo Jo, Cymbals, Andre Rison, Drazen Petrovic, The Great One, Eric Lindros, Adele, Harvey Grant, Horace Grant, Phil Collins, Genesis, N64, Lawn Darts, Canada, T Shirts, Jordan Rules, Rik Smits, Devin, Dominque Dawes, Wheaties, Jake The Snake, Curls, Grab Them Cakes, Tin Cup, Empire Strikes back, Overrated, Caddyshack 2, Chocolate Milk, Much More!

Listen/Download RIGHT HERE!

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  • Decky

    Can’t wait to listen, especially if Adele made it into The Fifth again!

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  • http://underscoopfire.com HowardtheDeck

    I can’t believe you were the type of ne’er do well that would get yourself in-school suspended. You’re better than that. The report card has to go in the dumpster down the street, not your locker!

    NO shout outs to the USSR. Keep the rivalry going! The Cold War never ended! EDP makin’ history.

    Shaq > Laettner for sure, and diahrrea > Bobby Hurley

    Shout outs to Goran Ivanisevic. Only on the EDP.

    Love the NBA on NBC theme playin’ – haven’t gotten there yet but did Corey bring up his favorite fact? That his boy John Tesh composed that tune..

    Mr. Chapman that will be enough about baseball. Maybe if Saskatchewan had a team..

    Never thought I’d get a oral history of the Stanley Cup on the EDP.

    Luc Longley > Bill Wennington? Check my facts, but did Corey take an Aussie over a Canadian?

    Orlando Woolridge. Wow.

    Props to Corey for mentioning the RIP anniversary of Randy Savage. And what’s this talk about wrestling being fake??

    Buster Douglas at Columbus Blue Jacket games – so awesome.

    Nolte..Shaq.. Blue Chips!

    let’s take an intermission on this mega-comment, after these messages we’ll be right back!

  • http://underscoopfire.com HowardtheDeck

    The UnderScoop Avengers. So good. Captain Canada, the First Canuck. Hulk Point Joe.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/Count_Marzo Count Marzo

    Lovin’ the #EDP.

    -I also remember when hardly anyone had Filas in school. I had the OG Grant Hills when they came out and a lot of people was impressed. lol

    -Had some crazy ass food fights in school. The most hardcore one we had, we flipped the table and threw all kinds of shit from behind it. I hid behind my friend who was a linebacker on the football team cuz he was a bigger dude than me and was hand grenading open milks and stuff from behind him and the table. Solid memories.

    -mid to late 80s to mid 90s sports = def best era of sports. Yeah we’re probably biased but damn. Every NFL team had their amazing QB, RB, etc… Boxing was still relevant. Watching the Superbowl, a Tyson fight on PPV, etc… was a serious, crazy event for EVERYONE to get together for.

    -I was heavy into the trading cards back then. Knew nearly every player on every team of the major sports because of it. Topps, Score, Pro Set, whatever…I remember walkin to the corner store to get a pack of cards (or 2 or 3 or 4 or more…) allllll the time! 90% of my wardrobe was also sports team gear.

    -I mostly grew up in Buffalo, NY so the Bills 4 Superbowl run was a big deal for everyone around me. I never liked the Bills though, I was a lifelong Dolphins fan because of Dan Marino and I had a lot of family down in FL. So I was the asshole kid in Buffalo wearing a Phil Simms jersey, Mark Rypien jersey, then pick your poison for the Cowboys. I also had Zubaz pants of all those teams. My favorite, most memorable shirt was after the Cowboys destroyed the Bills twice in a row, it had 2 big Cowboys Super Bowl rings on it. I wore it on “Bills Day” to school and they tried to make me turn it inside out and send me home. My mom flipped her shit over it. Good memories. lol

    -My fave sports now are NHL (close enough to Canada) and NFL. I like contact sports obviously. But back in the day, I was down with all four major sports. MLB went downhill for me in the mid 90s and I lost interest in the NBA in the late 90s/early 2000s. They just don’t have the near constant excitement of the 2 contact sports imo.

    -My favorite NFL teams are Miami Dolphins and New York Giants. Favorite NHL team is the New York Rangers. Favorite NBA teams are probably the Orlando Magic and New York Knicks. I was in FL when the Magic first came about. Although I liked a lot of teams/players. I blame NBA Jam Arcade for that. How could you not like the Jordan era Bulls too. Favorite MLB teams probably Atlanta Braves as a kid. They had a lot of players I liked (esp Deion) and they were always available to watch on TBS. Nowadays, if I had to pick a team…I guess the New York Mets. I catch a few of their games here and there.

    -Favorite players? Man that’s gonna be quite the list. Let’s get started. Favorite NFL players: Dan Marino, Duper and Clayton, Ricky Williams, Bryan Cox, Lawrence Taylor, Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, etc… Favorite NHL players: Pavel Bure, Dominik Hasek, Henrik Lundqvist, Alexander Mogilny, Jaromir Jagr, Wayne Gretzky, etc… Favorite NBA players: Jordan, Penny Hardaway, John Stockton, John Starks (Starks for threeee! /marv albert), etc… Favorite MLB players: David Justice, Tom Glavine, Dennis Eckersly, Griffey Jr., Darryl Strawberry etc… Boxing = obviously Tyson. Hear ya on the Buster Douglas BS. And since we going with wrestling too = Ultimate Warrior, Ravishing Rick Rude, Demolition, Jake the Snake Roberts, Bret the Hitman Hart, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, etc…

    -Never really cared that much for many sports movies. I do like stuff like Happy Gilmore and Mighty Ducks which you guys mentioned though.

    -Most overrated team ever = NY Yankees and it’s not even close. It makes me sick how many Yankees logos I see on a regular basis over my lifetime regardless of where I am…even outside of NY state. Most overrated player, I’m also gonna go with Tony Romo.

    -Top 3 sports video games of all time = NHL 94, Super Tecmo Bowl, and NBA Jam. Oh and I’m gonna cheat and give a 4th to cover all sports so Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB.

    As always, highly entertaining and highly hilarious. Lovin’ the #EDP. Still holding that award for best podcast soundtrack, sound effects, etc… Shit, you could even name that trophy the #EDP award. I lmao at the music cuts. Phil Collins got me this time. The only thing is I wish we got more @chapmanrunner “ARE YA SCOOOOooOOPINN ITTTT”s cuz that shit is money every time!

    Thanks again for the quality entertainment! šŸ™‚

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