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June 11, 2012

U don’t have 2 be beautiful
2 turn ‘e’ on
I just need your body baby
From dusk till dawn

Who came up with Kissing?
Why is THAT the universal sign of showing affection or what the hell ever?

Pressin your stupid lips up against someone elses stupid lips

What does it do though?

There’s a lotta nerve endings in the lips but they just dont seem as sensitive…it’s just lips; and why do you have to close your eyes? Maybe I wanna see! What if they are up to somefin?

Mmmm I like you; Ima mush my lips on you.

She hate me? Now THAT was a kiss I can get down with

We just copy and carry on anything…

French Kissing…Did it REALLY come from France? Did it…really.
I’m saying though; what other time or instance is it perfectly okay to swap and exchange Saliva?
…ANY other time that’s disgusting.

Maybe I DONT want Mono

Kissing technically is stupid. We’ve been programmed to believe this is an expression of passion or feelings for someone; feh.
During sex…maybe you get that feeling…if your mouth isnt otherwise preoccupied (hint wink nudge hint slurp lick)

The Vagina is cleaner than a woman’s mouth … that’s where I be kissin … did I type that?

I’m sayin though…you know you can get the mowf herps from kissin too…ewww who wants da Mowf herps? not e.
AKWARD when you go in and you both turn your stupid faces the same way LOL

You know kissing LOOKS more sexy than it feels…like the upside down Spider Man kiss….mmmmm

Not a lot of Kissin in Porn though

What’s dumber than the Blown kiss though? Unless when someone blows a kiss and it turns into some lips and zips and flips through the air to the other person like the Tom& Jerry cartoons then Bah.

Stupid eskimo kiss…that aint lips
OH the corny pretenious double cheek kiss…ugh…especially when they dont even kiss the cheek …the faux kiss so wack

Know what Kiss I like?

Now Kisses on the neck…chess…and the yooou whooooo! Are different; you feel that…it’s stimulating…I dunno

You know the longest kiss lasted 30 hours, 59 minutes and 27 seconds…why? Me no know.

All that being said I’m is a good kisser…come here and see.

Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time and your ….

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  • skyy2000

    Wow!! You just made kissing seem like the most grossest thing on the planet! I love kissing and love being kissed. You just sound so bitter or maybe it’s just that I have never heard of any who has such issues with kissing before. Did it ever occur that your issues about kissing may come from previous and current kissing experiences? Not saying you are a bad kisser but maybe the persons you have (or are) kissed (kissng)are? I’m just saying to me kissing represents a passion, endearment, and the more intense it is the better because we hope it will lead to something else…
    I’m not knockin your views or anything…but I’m just saying to reduce kissing to “stupid” and “MOWF herpes”…just sounds a little bit…I don’t know…bitter…

  • ArykaNotErika

    While I do generally agree with the ” who came up with this idea ” part, I love kissing !! But only with a good kisser. If you are not a good kisser, I will never find out what you’re like in bed. Because I just cant imagine a bad kisser being good in bed. So while an odd social custom, I consider it a necessary evil.

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