The Greatest Toy Guns

July 12, 2012

Inspired by EDP17 – Looney Toons Where the Mi5 was Top 5 toy guns I figured I’d make a post and expand it for a few more
… this was back in the day when kids could play and have fun; grownups didn’t try and make our toys wack and we were dumb enough to think they were real and pistol whip the dog with them
Good old shoot’em up style in the yard so … The Greatest Toy Guns ever …

Original water pistol

The OG water gun, the see through color joints with the tube in it … they did the trick for years

Spark Gun

These guns were pretty useless but as a kid anything that was a gun and lit up rocked
Basically you pulled the trigger and sparks flew around in the see-through gun … yay fun!

Cap Gun

Cap guns were pretty dangerous, one they were all metal and two there was gun powder involved … now they had the ones that had the discs which were okay, but the ones we had were the ones with the red tape with the little bumps of gun powder

… After we broke the gun we’d just roll out the tape and bang on them with rocks
Fun and dangerous at the same time

Power Popper

Power poppers shot the foam balls at people’s dome pieces! Pump action balls upside your head … they made them out to be something you’d take to work; they don’t want me with a gun at work lol

Megatron / Shockwave

The Megatron toy was THEY gun to have, it looked extra real … cept for the big ass Decpticon symbol on it but with a scope and all the other attachments PLUS he was the leader!
Shockwave came out and changed everything, rand on batteries and lit up! Made sounds! But he was a wack color, unless you copped the Radio Shack knockoff

Zap it

The Zap it guns were the guns that had the ink that would disappear after a minute or so … so not only was it a gun it ruined your clothes lol
They weren’t as popular BUT it was a dope idea … shoutouts to hiding in a trashcan

Gotcha Guns

Pretty much paintball for kids … you shoot and it left a bright colored mark on the person, again this was when we were allowed to have fun as children

Super Soaker

When super soakers came out people lost their minds, so much water at one time, and you got to pump it up for intimidation … people would pump until the gun damn near broke from the pressure (wait.)
Anyway, being able to drench someone with a water guns as unheard of … then it got too much with the back packs and triple reservoirs but those summers were incredible
cept for the poor sap who still had the old school

Zebra Guns

The Sure Shot joints that actually fired the little yellow plastic/rubber pellets
you’d load up the gun and lick off shots at everyone … they sold the refill bullets so much fun was had with these AND the ammo was left EVERYWHERE in the neighborhood


Entertechs were THE go-to gun in the 80s … LJN Toys made the most realistic looking guns ever and they were water guns on top of all that, they ran on batteries!
They looked like for real assault rifles down to the black matte finish … PLUS they had clips! You would carry around extra clips of water! 30 foot range, rapid fire 60 rpm
They even made the Rambo joints!

They were the guns that people were using to rob stores in real life and the reason toy guns sine had to be neon colored or have that bullshit red/orange cap at the end

Special shoutouts to The NES Zapper, the Sega Light Gun, The Laser Tag gun and the A*Team rifle….

That’s my list … anything I miss?
Did you have any of these?

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  • Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    Great post! Memories of playing “guns” on my street as a kid came flooding back after seeing the pictures of the Zebra Supershot and the Zap It!

    This site is the gold plated shovel that digs deep into my psyche, uncovering memories that have been hidden for ages.

    Thanks for the memories, E!

    • eclectik

      I love those days … all we needed was a gun and open space and we could play for hours … all the guns were different you furnished your own sound effects that Zebra and the ammo was EVERYTHING!

  • HowardtheDeck

    Was just talking to my brother in law on 4th of July about how REAL the toy guns used to look. Crazy we only heard about a kid getting shot every once in a while, shoulda been every weekend! Entertech! Crazy

    • eclectik

      Its crazy how REAL they looked, like down to the finish … and they had ALL types and versions of the guns plus ran on batteries so they had weight to them too … miss those days

  • Dex (@Dex1138)

    I remember taking a rock to the cap strips and trying to scrape them slowly so it would make a small flame. Although it wasn’t a gun I also had the silver bomb that you could load a single cap in and toss to make a bang.

    I had a 38 special that used the cartridge load caps. Waaay to realistic looking to get made today.

    Two guns from my childhood that are missing:
    The Tracer (disc firing) gun:
    The “flying saucer” gun:

  •!/Count_Marzo Count Marzo

    No NERF?!

  • Cap Guns Online

    This. Is. What. We’re. Talking. About!

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  • philosophersphone

    Great post. Absolutely great post. Mad love for dope toys that probably should’ve gotten us shot by cops.

    • @eclectik

      LOL! Thank you … we lived in such simpler times; great times

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