EDP23 – Leave the gun Take the cannoli w/ @fogsmoviereview

September 10, 2012

Today on the eclectik discussion podcast we discuss and spotlight Mafia Movies, Gangster Flicks … all Mobbed up everything!

This week’s guest … Dan “Fogs” Fogarty (@Fogsmoviereview) From fogsmoviereviews.com and The Title Pending Movie Podcast

This episode The Notorious F.O.G. and I discuss mafia/gangster films including:

Favorite Gangster/ Mob Film ever?
Favorite Scenes and Quotes
Overrated/Underrated Gangster Film
Overrated/Underrated Gangster Film Character
Is the genre dead?

Favorite Characters?
Pacino vs. De niro
Should any of the previously made Mafia films get a sequel or reboot?

(ALSO a Spirited debate concerning The Wire vs. The Sopranos)

The Fifth is definitely represented, with a new movie mention, and fingerless gloves!!



Click the image


Why the show is random – Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Godfather, Godfather II, Scarface, Goodfellas, The Sopranos, Carlito’s Way, Casino, The Untouchables, Bugsy, Goti, Slingshots, Rocks, Jell-O Pudding Pops, Purple Rain, Topless, Tomatoes, Finger-less Gloves, Chinese Throwing Stars, Pulp Fiction, James Bond, Daniel Craig, Popsicle Sticks, Donnie Brasco, Johnny Depp, Joe Pesci, The Super, Cowboy Boots, Jessica Tandy, Naked Fogs, Podcast, 80s, 80s Baby, Weapons, Cannoli, Luca, Michael, Kay, Appolonia, Marlon Brando, Mafia Films Podcast, Gangster Movies Podcast, Reservoir Dogs, The Departed, Jackie Brown, VHS Tapes, Usual Suspects, Gina Montana Afro, The Geto Boys, The Star Wars Trilogy, Die Hard, LOTR, TPMP

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  • http://fogsmoviereviews.wordpress.com Fogs’ Movie Reviews

    The Notorious F.O.G.!

    šŸ˜€ HA!

  • http://twitter.com/classickmateria Classick McCheese (@classickmateria)

    Man, I made crazy homemade weapons (and some toys) growin up! Ninja weapons especially… you fold that piece of looseleaf paper several times over into triangles and make a “fuji” (why it was called Fuji? Who knows! Mr. Fuji? Fuji electronics? Cism? I would tape several fujis together to make these complex and non-aerodynamically sound ninja stars. Or better yet, take them spines from the spent paper towel rolls (PT, not TP– because that’s just nasty!) and fashion them into blowguns. Put a pen or your sharp deadly projectile of choice in there and just like in them kung fu movies or on that very special episode of Tarzan, you can render your enemies unconscious! (actually, they were just highly annoyed and ready to engage in fisticuffs).

    Great show too. Can’t comment too much on gangster flicks, except that two of my favorites are Casino and King of New York.

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