iThink: Care Bears and Beer Pong

September 24, 2012

Weekend was good …
Ohio State Won
The Reds Clinched
The Bengals Won
(RGIII FEH! I say!)

… and I got me a new Apple Phone 5

See? it’s on my Instagram

Are men still cutting lines in their eyebrows?

You know what have always been dumb sounding phrases? “Hard on” and “On Hard”

If I had an F, Marry, Kill with: A piece of shit with a bob wig on, A Block of Cheese and Skyler White …I’d Kill Skyler White

Remember Furbies? So?

I’ve never met a woman that’s into comic books/super heroes…that would be hot

Basically I’m interested in sexy nerds….that like sports….and me.

The iPhone 5 is great; EXCEPT I’m NOT a fan of the headphone jack location … it’s at the bottom of the phone! #unappreciation

I have a lot of sneakers…still want more.

I like to be alone a lot but not as much as people think…problem is I want people around on my time, yes.
But more importantly I want them gone on my time LOL
I need a woman that lives in my building

Cheese curls were never … really … curly

I have a podcast and I thank you for listening to it
… if you aren’t listening to it well, I’m going to stab you.

There’s a poll on the right side of the page … there’s always a poll on the right side of the page.

Pink Cookies in a Plastic Bag…gettin crushed by buildings.

I remember when I looked forward to CDs/Tapes coming out…now? feh.

Sex must be the most important thing in marriage because every time someone says “open Marriage” they immediately think sex…Cheating people can’t get over
When the sex dries up the relationship is in trouble…I’m just saying

Why did the street light up when Mike was walking on it in Billie Jean?

Oh yeah? Well your FACE stinks!

But if the roof is on fire won’t it collapse and kill everyone? You MIGHT need some water after all.

You know what’s good with chocolate? Orange Juice

I bought Madden, played it 5 times … am I getting too old to game?

Turbo’s girlfriend Lucia though

Hey iTunes what’s the point of putting out The Avengers if I don’t get the content on the Blu Ray Bonus Disc? Fix that

Sometimes I get lonely and want some female company…then I’ll masturbate and viola … time to play Xbox360

My memory is scary I remember stuff back as far as preschool…like where I sat and with who etc etc.

I rather drink than eat a lot of times.

THOUGH my baked Chicken Drummettes are NOT to be F’d with

White people LOVE them some Beer Pong, looks like a fun game EXCEPT the ball hits the ground/gets dirty and you have to drink something that it lands in? No thanks

You know what I like? When attention whores get ignored
…you know they’re saying stuff to get attention and NO ONE pays them no never mind

The fact is, Lady Jaye is Hotter than The Baroness … but The Baroness just seems like she’d put it on you

God could’ve come up with a better way to dispose human waste … like why does it have to come out there?
Why does it have to smell like that? It could’ve smelled like Apple Pie, or no smell at all
Why does it look like that? He could’ve made it look like tiny smiley faces and stars
Why does it have to come from there? It could’ve been a vapor released into the air that came from behind our ears
And Wiping … why? And what’s with that itch when you aren’t thorough? lol
… I’m just sayin was all this necessary? lol


You ever want to walk up to a random stranger and drop kick them in the neck? Just me? cool.

Squash and Cumquats … why do they exist?

1. Wings are the only acceptable part of the chicken to eat during Football games
2. There are no tailgating or official foods to eat during basketball games
3. Alfred Matthew Yankovic

You know what annoys me? Everything. BUT also this … when a person’s phone rings, they answer it and say “I have to take this”
Shut up and talk on the phone, who cares? And Hey fuktard you didn’t do anything but walk 2 steps that way … You should also take a tire iron to the esophagus

A Care Bear vs. My Little Pony death match would be all kinds of awesome; The Pony’s wouldn’t stand a chance tho

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  • Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

    I’m a white people and that’s the reason my beer pong career was verrrry short lived. The ball hits the ground every time, gets dirt and grass on it. People would be going to piss in the bushes and think they are gonna grab a ping pong ball and throw it in my cup I’m supposed to drink? Fuck that. lol. I quickly started putting water in my cups and just drank a 40 or whatever I had in my hand while playing their germoriffic game.

  • Mountairy1979

    I haven’t bought madden in about 3 years I think. I know I am not going to play it enough. It is kind of on the pricey side too.

  • mat riiz

    fuck you for the skyler meme. i guess it doesn´t make sense to watch the last 3 seasons now.

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