EDP24 – The Purple Tape w/ @AmazingJayce

September 29, 2012

One for you, Two for me … One you you, One Two for me!

Today’s episode we take it back to Hip Hop! Only Built For Cuban Linx
The Purple Tape!

Join me and my guest @AmazingJayce

We discuss all things Purple Tape, Wu Tang, and Hip Hop including:

The albums impact on Hip Hop
Favorite and Least Favorite Songs
Memorable verses
Favorite Skits
And much more!

Of course the Fifth is represented and listen … If you DO NOT EVEN CARE about Hip Hop or Raekwon’s tape you MUST Listen to the The Fifth … fast forward if you must it’s classic

Driving Miss Daisy and Spiked bats make an appearance LOL



Click the image


I Promise, you do NOT want Clyde Smith coming after you lol ….

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  • davenappy

    Incredible podcast! Incarcerated Scarfaces was always my favorite track with Verbal Intercourse coming in at 1A. I never had the Purple Tape. When this came out, I made a tape copy from a friend’s CD, and later it was one of the first albums I ever downloaded when Napster started up.

    The Fifth question about the torture always makes me think of the first murder in Se7en for gluttony. I was laughing out loud listening to this on the subway this morning.

  • http://sneakingaroundcleveland.tumblr Anthony @tatum216

    Epic eppisode for an Epic Album. You really flexed you podcasting muscles on this one E. You should be proud sun.( I call you sun cause you shine like one)

  • CTJamaican

    Great episode as usual. One of my favorite albums period. Also thanks for defending the 4 bar killah( U-God). He wasn’t that bad!

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