GI Joe Random Thoughts: Mindbenders

October 23, 2012

During battles cobra and Joes had conversations from vehicle to vehicle they talked that loud?

Seems like all of GI Joe responds to any cobra anything … Just coordinate a double mission on opposite ends of the planet

Why are Joes and Cobras always in uniform? Playing basketball, dancing, on vacation …

How did cobra know the Joes code names and real names was there a Joe Facebook group?

Where were the civilians or news or fire fighters during anything ever?

They did a lot of branding; did cobra and Joe send all of their vehicles to cafe press?

Beach head always walked around like that, he had to be hot

GI Joe had that big ass gun on the top of their base and next to never fired it

Clearly there were no firing ranges on either base

And why didn’t Cobra sign Corporal Kirshner?

I think Lo light had a pretty damn heavy back story for a kid show lol

The Joes get their planes blown up and always parachute out … You’d think they’d get picked off by some of those errant lasers

Serpentor was an awful leader #TeamCommander

You’d think GI Joe would’ve asked for Hogan instead of Sgt Slaughter
… or Maybe KoKo B. Ware so Polly could play with Frankie

Cobra always know the Joes are coming and are always waiting to surprise them but always miss shots, is there No cobra sniper training?

Hawk was wack Flint was the man

Were Serpentors snakes real or not?

They should’ve shown the missions that cobra does to get their money

Shouldn’t the news media cover how cobra just created a whole grown ass man from scratch?

There was an episode where cobra used guns to shoot transmitters on the back of the Joes necks
1. They had free shots at the Joes and chose to use transmitters
2. They had excellent marksmanship to shoot them
3. Kill them

Roadblock speaking in rhyme had nothing to do with being black I’m sure … Even in pain he rhymed.

Cobra leads the league in capturing their enemy and letting them go

No one ever questioned Dr. Mindbenders uniform … ever?
(Cape, Purple Tights, Gray Tighty Whities, Metal suspenders, No shirt, Boots, Purple leather bracelets, and a monocle)

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  • HowardtheDeck

    I so badly want to list answers to all of these questions, but you’re right – some of them are so ridiculous there is no explaining them. Somehow we loved the hell out of this show despite how much disbelief suspension we had to do

    • eclectik

      Awww man, but your answers would be hilarity! I say give it a shot … or a answer post at USF lol

  • Kojackdelta

    That was funny. Mindbender outfit was gay dude,brothel gay.

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