Who is the richest Comic Book Villain?

November 20, 2012

Superheroes and Villains have a ton of toys, gadgets, vehicles, and schemes … unlimited travel and ammo and a whole bunch of things. Heroes are cool but since I’m pro Bad guy, I figured I’d ask: Who is the Richest Villain? It’s probably an easy answer … with immortal beings and what not but it’s still fun to talk about them

Discuss and rank them in the comments

Who is the richest Comic Book Villain?

Sebastian Shaw

Pittsburgh PA
X-Men Villain
Leader of the Hellfire Club … funded the Sentinel program
Millionaire at 30 and Billionaire by 40

Lex Luthor

Superman Villain
CEO of LexCorp … once President of the United States

Ra’s al Ghul

Arabian Desert about 600 – 700 years ago
Batman Villain
Being alive for so long you’d imagine he’s stacked a lot of chips

Norman Virgil Osborn

New Haven, CT
Spiderman Villain
Owner/CEO of OSCorp, Government Agent, sometimes criminal mastermind

Wilson Grant Fisk

Daredevil and Spider-man Villain
Organized Crime Boss, Murderer, Drug Runner, etc.

Victor Von Doom

Haasenstadt, Latveria
Fantastic Four Villain
Ruler of Latveria, Owner of Von Doom Industries

Emma Frost

Boston, MA
X-Men Villain
Leader of Hellfire Club, CEO of Frost International

Vandal Savage

??? He’s immortal
Green Lantern and JLA Villain
Again, you’re around since 50,000 BC there’s some cash stashed somewhere

Who is the richest Comic Book Villain?

I don’t know the order … I’m not sure who else should be included, but …

  • Who has the most cash?
  • Who has the least?
  • Who’d win in a game of real money Monopoly?

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