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December 11, 2012

A While back i did a Male singer random thoughts post and Two Posts on 90s Female R&B groups Here and Here … figured I’d do a random thoughts post for the solo female R&B singers
Stream of consciousness … thoughts as they come

Janet is the goat and I will hear nothing less … Greatest voice? Nope but overall entertainer and good music yup You can make volumes of get the drawers mix CDs out of Janet tracks

I confess to not being a fan of Sade
… Her music sounds like slow suicide to me

I confess to not being a fan of Whitney Houston ever HOWEVER her debut Album could arguably be the greatest female solo release ever.

Never bought into the Vanessa Williams as an R&B singer … I did like her appearance in the Oakland Stroke video tho

Pebbles was and still is the sexy … don’t let her handle your finances tho

B Angie B Though

Dionne Ferris …no one cares

Tanya Blount was dope though … people slept on her

Karyn White dropped Superwoman and had women of all ages swayin

That “Imagination” video by Tamia … just … YES forever but I defy you to find a sexier one than “Stranger in my house” … soft core at its finest Tamia LAWD!

No one was more of a home wrecker than Shirley Murdoch lol
“As we Lay” and “Husband” … all kinds of Vaseline on the face for fights

I still don’t know what Aretha was talking about “Who’s Zoomin Who”
… aint nobody better be tryin to zoom me

Congratulations by Vesta was so damn sad man

Still have a crush on old bird nose Chante Moore
That straight up video … mannnnn

Angela Winbush is still my top 3 favorite female singers ever … those Renee and Angela songs are >>>

There are few things doper than the double clap on Patrice Rushens forget me nots

I wonder what Aaliyah would be doing right now …probably singing really low and married to a rapper
… and probably still great to look at.

Shannon had let the music play and that was it lol … that bass knocked though

Ciara … she is just…. !!!!

I will never like a female solo album more than Faiths first

I am STILL in love with Des’ree’s dimples … something about those deep dish dimples yes! … her music still sounds like you’re about to go buy sensible shoes with your mother tho

I watched Mya’s first video with Sisqo with mouth agape … she was so pretty and sexy back then

When Toni Braxton first came out in that dress mannnn

Erykah Badu is the only female artists I can name who has NO flaws in her discography

I remember when Smooth came out I thought she was gonna be the next thing …

Miki Howard was underrated … that Come Share my world is one of my most favorite songs ever

After AZs sugar hill I copped Miss Jones’ CD … Meaning she sold 1 copy lol it wasn’t that bad though

I wanted and STILL want to give Mona Lisa a baby

Remember Sparkle? Something about ole bug eyes was sexy

I miss and want and need Brooke Valentine … as much as I heart Ciara I’d throw her down an Elevator Shaft for Brooke

I remember thinking Stacy Lattisaw would blow up … she did that song with the New Edition Fill-in though … probably ruined her

Desiree Coleman was FINE … Mark Jackson did quite well for hisself

Remember when Jasmine Guy dropped her CD?

Michel’le might have one of the strongest voices ever on wax .. Even to this day

Monica first came out with “Don’t take it personal” I coulda sworn she was like 23-25 years old … she was like 8 LOL
… that first album was dopeness

Brandy and Monica was the urban Britney and Christina

Teena Marie had one hell of a voice as well … that Square Biz though was the dopeness … shes was one of the first to spit a verse in a song

Never been a Mariah fan, but I could tolerate a couple of her remixes

I liked Angie Stone more when she was a rapper with The Sequence

I will never understand the Beyoncé fandom she’s cool and does a lot of things well but the only thing she does great is get promoted.

Push by Tisha Campbell though

I can do these thoughts all day, let me stop now and do a part two later …

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  • http://twitter.com/Mo_Rease Minor League Tweeter (@Mo_Rease)

    – Janet is dope and has a very nice catalog. But my thing is she started to steer away from the ballads and focus on more uptempo tracks.
    – Not a fan of Sade? I almost clicked the ‘x’ upon reading that initially.
    – Vesta’s ‘Congratulations’ = Who Hurt You?
    – Ciara kinda fell off in listeners ears when she started dating Bow “My Cash Money album is never coming out” Wow
    – Michel’le: Strong singing voice. Annoying, squeaky speaking voice.
    – How old is Angie Stone? Sheeish I remember when my cousin told me she was in Sequence. Then she got pregnant by D’Angelo, that had everyone scratching their heads.
    – Pause on that Tisha Campbell ‘Push’ YouTube screen shot.

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  • Soheavenleigh

    The Smooth video though?? Haven’t seen that in for-EVAH!

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