Dime Lines AD: Deux Glasses

February 5, 2008

two glasses of water with splash


Whether Months, weeks or hours
Seems like an eternity

None of that’s concernin me

There she stands lookin like exotic Chocolate
Her Kisses are erotic
The taste is a narcotic

Ecstasy and me neurotic

I want, lust, and need her
Ponytail, Orange boy shorts, a Beater

I’m no lip reader…but way she just licked them
Is like she bout to murder somethin e’s the next victim

Slick tongue,
Flicks then Curves around my ear
Nibbles then whispers to me “baby stay here”

Turns and walks…
Those thighs, hips and ass
I’m so hard thinkin “you BETTA not cum fast”

Only seconds past
Has her hands behind her back
You know I’m all nosy like what the hell is that?

Fleeting thought
She’s rocking the fitted beater bra-less
Erect nipples outline areolas are flawless

eclectik kryptonite
She’s like “you want your gift tonight?”
Behind her back: blindfold it’s on now and fitted tight

No more light
She guides me by the hand
I’m guessin to the bed, I try to sit…she says:


Soft kisses touch my chest sides and hips
Insatiable it’s like she got cashmere lips

Caresses my erection…It was easy to maintain
Tongue is like butter as she traces every vein

Something’s now changed
As the lips grasp the shaft

Wet warmer than ever
Knees buckle and I gasp

That’s not the half…while she assimilates
Temperature gets colder it’s more than I can take


She alternates…
Licks and sucks
Cold then warm…shes mastered the art form

The way she performs; better than best porn
Second after the next Hell Fire to Ice storm

Divulges her secret as she lifts off my mask
She has Cold and Warm water-each in a glass

Drink sip and suck…turn me out was the task
“I want you to cum in my mouth is all that I ask”

Pushes me down and goes back to work
Wetness hand movement slurps of expert

“Don’t stop” its seconds to detonation
Eruption slows the motion
e’s Hyperventilatin

Raises her head with *I turnt you owt* look
“I can tell you liked it by the way your leg shook”

After I regrouped scooped her up by the cheeks
Spread her legs apart sunk my tongue inside deep

Petite and Groomed neat
Her taste is sugar sweet

Clit swelled, came so hard she drenched the sheets

Wetness burst…Quenchless thirst, undying heat
“Please fuck me” she cursed as the wetness excretes

As my Tumescent Head and her Lips meet and repeat…
Its real fuked up that this thought is incomplete.

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  • http://www.renaissanceblackwoman.blogspot.com Eb

    OMG… I’m first…

    Well well E, first of all good ish… and I totally forgot that I cant read your ish while I am at work… now I have to leave and head home so that I can change my undies…

    And boy you know you love some areolas…

  • http://thek-spot.blogspot.com/ Keli

    I like…as usual.

  • beautifulgyrlJ

    Ummm I got a lil hot and bothered LoL… I Likez

  • heavenleigh

    damn e…i’m scared of where the dime lines will go when you get a significant other…love them

  • http://turquoisesha.blogspot.com Mel

    *fans face*

    My my my my my my my

  • harriet

    i’m a living witness it works…just ask my husband! *wink, wink*

  • http://www.karrieb.blogspot.com Karrie B.

    *loosens up buttons* ok so it just got really hot in here. (whew) *takes one last look, bites lip, returns to my blog*

    -karrie b.

  • http://thenewgee.blogspot.com gee-nice

    wow!!! dare i say this beats my fav..how is that EVEN possible??? whew!!!

  • http://www.mommylonglegs.blogspot.com wynsters the tigress

    e, looks like i need to take a cold shower…care to join? 😉

  • http://myfuturerocks.blogspot.com a.tiara

    um wow…im impressed *leaving blog before I write something I shouldnt lol*

  • http://www.pajnstl.blogspot.com Patrice

    Still with the hotness, I see!

  • http://mentallyspeaking.blogspot.com blujewel

    Oh, yea! Me likey. Me likey a lot.

    This is the mental orgasm, I’d want to turn into a physical orgasm.

  • http://www.nomoremsbehaving.blogspot.com Ms. Behaving

    Okay…something about this post left me feelin’ real ummm….THIRSTY!!!

  • http://idontknowitsjustmia.blogspot.com Mia

    Very sexy!! I like!!!!

  • http://www.msfbpuddin.blogspot.com mspuddin

    oooooh, so you didn’t want me to miss out on some sensual poetry. I see. I don’t really know much about poetry, but I get a good vibe from this ;p


  • MsSepia

    that should of came with a warning LOL WHEW I think my panties melted …HOTNESS! (two snaps for u E!)

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