My 10 Favorite Jerry Seinfeld TV Girlfriends

April 12, 2013




I love the TV Show Seinfeld … the humor was great (it’s not for everyone, but should be) it gave birth to a ton of catch phrases and sayings, one of the more overlooked themes that went on during the show’s run is how many women Jerry went through.
The best thing about Jerry and his girlfriends is he always found something wrong with them … there was always something he could nitpick and find not to like about them (whether he was the cause of it or not)
After watching some reruns I decided to put a list of my favorite of Jerry’s girlfriends; this is not necessarily a list of the hottest but more my favorite episode/storyline surrounding them, so without any more of my rambling

My 10 Favorite Jerry Seinfeld TV Girlfriends

Special consideration:

Angela (Melinda McGraw)

The Good Samaritan


From the episode “The Good Samaritan” (When Kramer had convulsions from hearing Mary Hart’s voice) Jerry witnesses a Hit and Run Driver (Angela) and he dates her
Previously Jerry lied about knowing who hit the car because the car belonged to another woman Jerry wanted to date … it was a whole thing lol

10. Jenna (Kristin Davis)
“The Pothole”


Jenna was the girlfriend from “The Pothole” episode (When George did the jump over the pothole and his keys fell into the pothole … also when Kramer painted extra wide lanes on his adopt a highway)
Jerry knocked Jenna’s toothbrush into the toilet without her knowing and tries to sanitize her mouth without her knowing, since otherwise he could no longer kiss her
Jenna finds out about the toothbrush and puts something of Jerry’s in the toilet w/o telling him what … he goes crazy and throws everything out of his house


9. Jodi (Jennifer Coolidge)

“The Masseuse”


Season 5 Jodi is Jerry’s Girlfriend who is also a masseuse, she was not willing to give Jerry a massage, after finding out that she game Kramer a massage he tries to force Jodi to give him a massage
This is also the same show when Elaine gets her boyfriend to change his name because it’s the same as a serial killer (Joel Rifkin)

8. Christie (Lisa Deane)
“The Seven”


The episode called “Seven” was in the Seventh season of Seinfeld (When George tells Susan he wants to name his first born “Seven”)
Jerry’s girlfriend is Christie she appears to wear the same dress every time he sees her so he spend the episode trying to find out his she has any other outfits
He found an old picture of her in the same outfit, he finally goes through her closet but she catches and kicks him out before he could find out

7. Jillian (Kristin Bauer)

“The Bizarro Jerry”


Episode: The Bizarro Jerry reference to Bizarro earth in DC comics where everything is backwards (They even played the opening theme backwards)
Jerry’s girlfriend is Jillian and the thing Jerry finds wrong with her is she has “Man Hands” she was so hot that George used her picture to get into the Forbidden City of all sexy women saying that she was his late wife lol

6. Sandy (Jann Karam)

“The Switch”


In the sixth season of Seinfeld in the episode called “The Switch” (The episode where George gives Jerry the idea to try and switch his girlfriend for her roommate)
Jerry’s girlfriend was Sandy, who was fine except for she never laughs “She’s a non-laugher” … she only says “That’s funny”
Her roommate laughs at all Jerry’s jokes and George tells him to ask for a threesome to disgust his girlfriend but it would flatter the roommate thus making the switch
… he goes through with it but the two girls actually like the idea and Jerry chicken’s out
We also learn Kramer’s first name in that episode.


5. ??? (Susan Walters)

“The Junior Mint”


Classic episode “The Junior Mint” (Elaine dumps her boyfriend because he was fat, she sees he’s in the hospital and has lost weight (due to depression from her breakup) they go to his operation and Kramer accidently drops a junior mint into his body)
Jerry’s girlfriend … well he couldn’t remember her name, he forgot to ask it. She mentions that she was teased because her name rhymed with a part of the female body and Jerry and George try their best to come up with what her name could be
Bovary, Celeste … Aretha lol she got suspicious that Jerry didn’t know her name and asked him to say it, he says “Mulva” and she storms out
… he also tries Loleola and Gipple … Jerry then runs and yells out DELORES!!!!


4. Claire (Sara Rose Peterson)

“The Voice”


Episode: “The Voice” is the episode that George and Jerry imagine that Jerry’s girlfriend Claire bellybutton is a mouth and makes sounds at night
The voice says “Hellooooooo! … La La La” Jerry and George greet each other with The voice during the episode, he tells Claire about it and she breaks up with him and give the ultimatum the only way she’d take him back is if he stops the voice
… Jerry decides to keep the voice over her lol by then, everyone is tired of the voice so he goes back to Claire and the end has a funny twist


3. Audrey (Suzanne Snyder)

“The Pie”


The Pie is one of my favorite episodes because of the head shake … Jerry’s girlfriend Audrey refuses to take a bite of his pie and never says why all she did was shake her head no in very short shakes lol
Audrey’s father Poppie has a restaurant that She and Jerry goes to … Jerry witnessed Poppie not wash his hands after using the restroom and after watching Poppie prepare a pizza (with the dough in his hands etc.) he refuses to eat the pizza the same way Audrey did with the head shake


2. Celia (Julia Pennington)

“The Merv Griffin Show”


The Seinfeld Episode “The Merv Griffin Show (Kramer finds an old Merv Griffin show set in the dumpster and sets up his apartment as the show)
Jerry’s girlfriend Celia has inherited an old toy collection of all the classics, but she won’t let him use them so he schemes to find a way to knock her out so that he can play … he uses medication, a giant turkey dinner, etc. lol
Jerry, George, and Elaine make easy bake oven cakes lol


1. Nicki (Danette Tays)

“The Calzone”


My Favorite was Nicki who was so beautiful she got whatever she wanted, she got out of speeding tickets, got sold out movie tickets etc.
There are tons of women in Seinfeld lore, these were my favorite 10 but what’s a list without Sidra?



<p style=”font-size: xx-large;”>Any favorites I miss?</p>

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  • Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    Coming it at number 10, Ms. Bobbie Barrett! So fine. Your recaps of these episodes make me want to fire up Netflix and watch them all. Great stuff, e!

  • coldslitherpodcast

    Epic list! One of my faves not on here was Sandy Robbins a.k.a. Fake Elaine from “The Pilot”, played by Elena Wohl.
    “Actually she has a thing where she spirals her tongue around…”

  • coldslitherpodcast

    Also gotta show some love for Melissa, the nudist Jerry dated in “The Apology”. He found out the hard way the difference between “good naked” and “bad naked”, but hey, you gotta take the good over the bad any day!

    Played by Kathleen McClellan. (I’ll let you google that one)

  • Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    Nicely done, sir. I remember all of these episodes.

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