#EDP – Viper ’85 ???

March 15, 2013

Another Teaser image from the eclectik discussion podcast?



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  • http://twitter.com/Count_Marzo Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

    #Shalalalaaas – 7!! Hansens – 3. The final 5th question scored a Shalalalaaa and a Hansen back to back. lol!

    Gotta agree on Cobra Commander, he is my favorite G.I. Joe character by far. Hilarious schemes. Can’t believe
    you guys didn’t mention the one where he wanted to put his face on the moon. Classic!

    The blue and red Viper was one of my very first G.I. Joe figures (Along with Techno Viper and Dr. Mindbender).

    I’ll take the 1987 animated G.I.Joe the Movie over The Rise of Cobra, then again I kinda enjoyed some of the new
    Cobra La characters and such. I’m not a G.I. Joe purist though, I was always a He-Man first guy so I liked the weird
    trippy, Sci-Fi stuff. I also really like the Game Master episode. That’s straight up He-Man episode.

    Snake Eyes is definitely the most overrated. He is cool though and I did like him.

    I like Lt. Falcon and I’m sure you can probably guess why.

    LOVE the G.I. Joe the movie remix!! That is the best thing about the movie, that epic intro!

    “All about He-Man” = +1 to JCourdoroy!!! Wow, G.I. Joe was on at 6am every weekday for me too before school! Watched
    it every morning!

    • http://twitter.com/Count_Marzo Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

      Derrr I posted in the wrong thing here. I put it in under the proper entry.

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