Dime Lines XII: Olfaction

May 4, 2007


Look at her nose,

you wanna grab it in your knuckles
pinch it, rub it with yours
Just to make her chuckle

When she laughs it gets crinkled
Something stinks it gets wrinkled

She drinks champagne and bubbles make it tingle

When I mingle with her, it’s not the first thing you see
and call me crazy but Mya’s is so cute to me.

It’s the way the skin blends,
The spread,
Like a cute little button

I stare
“What you lookin at??”
I reply “Nothin'”

It goes overlooked with tits, ass and hips
And even dime lines came after eyes and lips

And even though it’s brief I hope this one hits
And she likes my cologne, I paid a lot for it

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  • http://lavendersquirts.blogspot.com DivineLavender

    I am all about sexy lips!

    What do yours look like?


  • http://eclectik-relaxation.com/ eclectik
  • tenacious

    Wow I leave to go to chicago for a couple of days and I come back to this?! Wow I realy like this one, I take it you have a speical lady in your life….your dime lines are looking a little personal if you ask me šŸ™‚

  • TheDame

    Its good to see that the one you seek has found you. I love it!

  • http://eclectik-relaxation.com/ eclectik


    Aint nobody found me LOL!

    I just be typin’

  • Keli

    And all this straight from the dome, no editing…nice.

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