EDP208 – GI Joe Class of ’85 w/ @JCorduroy

March 22, 2013


He’ll Pod for randomness blowing hubba bubba bubbles
EDP is there!

It’s @JCorduroy aginst @eclectik the enemy
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Join me and my Guest @JCorduroy from the great Push to Regen site and podcast




Where we will discuss GI Joe
Favorite characters
Least favorite characters
The Cartoon
The Movie


… and a lot more!

Why Class of 85? Well I’ll tell you … because the second half of the show we will dishout classic Yearbook awards to our beloved GI Joe Characters!

It’s a laugh riot … a knee slapper … it’s the Polly’s beak!

The Fifth is also represented … What do you want YOUR code name to be?

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Come back and add your Yearbook awards in the comments!


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  • davenappy

    Stalker was one of my favorites! I hate that his codename implies some Lifetime movie crap nowadays.
    An excellent show! I am one of those Snake-Eyes fanboys, but I think it was because they played up the ninja aspect in the comics, as well as the love story with Scarlett, so he was a great tragic character. His origin was one of the things I could not wait to read when it came out. I am glad you’re giving the old comics a try. Definitely some bad issues in the series.

    The first 2 or three annuals are really good as well. Make sure you read those.

    I didn’t mind Duke’s character so much from tv and the comics until I finally saw that stupid grin on his face when I got the figure as a gift.

  • http://twitter.com/Count_Marzo Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

    #Shalalalaaas – 7!! Hansens – 3. The final 5th question scored a Shalalalaaa and a Hansen back to back. lol!

    Gotta agree on Cobra Commander, he is my favorite G.I. Joe character by far. Hilarious schemes. Can’t believe
    you guys didn’t mention the one where he wanted to put his face on the moon. Classic!

    The blue and red Viper was one of my very first G.I. Joe figures (Along with Techno Viper and Dr. Mindbender).

    I’ll take the 1987 animated G.I.Joe the Movie over The Rise of Cobra, then again I kinda enjoyed some of the new
    Cobra La characters and such. I’m not a G.I. Joe purist though, I was always a He-Man first guy so I liked the weird
    trippy, Sci-Fi stuff. I also really like the Game Master episode. That’s straight up He-Man episode.

    Snake Eyes is definitely the most overrated. He is cool though and I did like him.

    I like Lt. Falcon and I’m sure you can probably guess why.

    LOVE the G.I. Joe the movie remix!! That is the best thing about the movie, that epic intro!

    “All about He-Man” = +1 to @JCorduroy!!! Wow, G.I. Joe was on at 6am every weekday for me too before school! Watched it every morning!

  • http://www.facebook.com/howie.decker.3 Howie Decker

    “They made a guy. They just conjured up a whole-ass guy.”

    Line of the year.

    • eclectik


      Thank you sir

  • http://www.facebook.com/howie.decker.3 Howie Decker

    Another excellent ep top to bottom! Corduroy is always one of my favorite guys to hear from. May I play along with the yearbook awards? (Amazing idea, BTW)

    Least likely to succeed- Bazooka came to mind first. Re: Snake Eyes – one could argue that living in seclusion in a cabin in the woods with a loyal wolf and no nagging wife or job IS the highest level of attainable success.

    Most likely to succeed – Lady Jaye or Scarlett – brains AND beauty is unstoppable in today’s corporate world. If they’re willing to use their looks, they can go anywhere.

    Most disappointing action figure – no one can argue with Deep Six. Ever.

    Best dressed – Sci Fi, you know this. Thanks for the mention. Also Zarana- her outfit screamed 80s.

    Questionable fashion – every male with no shirt or their chest/midsection showing (Mindbender, Quick Kick, Destro, Gung Ho)

    Best fighter – I don’t like it, but the answer is Sgt. Slaughter. Again, not supporting it, just stating facts. Guy could throw one Viper into 25 and knock them all down. #TrooperBowling

    Worst aim – everyone on the show unless they had to throw a rock 75 yards to hit a switch that opens a gate or something

    Catfish – Mainframe is unbeatable there.

    Best dancer – the seizure kid LMFAOOOOO – these beats are so fresh… SNAP!

    class clown – Barbecue, unintentional, because of his voice. He can’t be serious with that

    cutest couple – Leatherneck & Wet Suit

    worst codename – Backstop is not great

    most likely to appear in porn – Zanzibar. I actually think I’ve seen him in a Brazzers vid

    can’t agree more with Lady Jaye for Best Personality. Her character screams Miss Congeniality

    for Cobra I’d go Zarana – she had a good side (proven by the forbidden Mainframe love)

    Love hearing the talk about e catching up on the old comics. Like JC, I also read thru all volumes of the G.I. Joe Classics over the last 2 years. Got to the point where I was caught up and couldn’t wait for the next volume to come out, even though I had already read most of it as a kid, and STILL HAVE the individual issues I could have gone back to at any time.

    Great ep, thanks guys!

    • eclectik

      “Worst aim – everyone on the show unless they had to throw a rock 75 yards to hit a switch that opens a gate or something”

      I LOL’d loudly … and you are so correct

      LOVE your additions … we need to create this book!

  • http://www.facebook.com/howie.decker.3 Howie Decker

    “Dumb Fuck” the paratrooper LMAO
    “Kid Toucher” so great

    • eclectik

      More FC2013 exclusives!

  • http://twitter.com/ColdSlitherPod Cold Slither Podcast (@ColdSlitherPod)

    Amazing episode. J. Corduroy brought the Joe knowledge and you both brought the funny!

    As for the class awards, have to agree that Big Lob is the absolute worst ever. Worst nickname, worst Joe, worst personality, you name it he was basically rock botom for G.I. Joe. Also, least likely to succeed and worst-dressed MO had to be Zandar. Zartan’s baby brother and Zarana’s fraternal twin was absolutely USELESS, as he changed colors in the sun just like Zartan but wasn’t a master of disguise– and pink and blue? What? was he in the middle of painting a nursery for some boy and girl twins when Zartan called him up? It works on Zarana (who’s my pick to do porn, btw), but it just looks very foofoosheeshee on Zandar. I hate the figure, the character and everything about him.

    G.I. Joe: The Movie was terrible– the only redeeming quality was the opener– we finally got an awesome Cobra theme song out of the deal, but that’s about it.

    Another fantastic episode. Can’t wait to hear the next one!

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