EDP214 – The Uncanny Podcast

June 4, 2013


It’s the Uncanny Podcast! All X-Men everything

Join me and my guest JP Fairfield (@isitis), of Shiny things go here
Nerdgasm Noire Network,
Operation Cubicle, and
Character Select!


… as we discuss X-Men and the Muties

Favorite Characters
Best Villains
The FOX Cartoon
The Movies
The Wolverine spinoffs
And more!

Of course the Fifth will be represented … get out your rhyme book and your dancing shoes! lol


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  • Lamar the Revenger


    • eclectik

      Well … okay lol

  • @davenappy

    Just finished this ep…excellent show, but I have so many gripes that don’t quite rise to the level of hate mail. I was a fan of the Fox X-Men animated series, but Batman TAS was hands down the best cartoon adaptation. I think X-Men TAS was one of the first times I experienced Nerd Rage over the changes they were making to the original stories for the adaptation.

    Thanks for posting the Pryde of the X-Men, but the full 20 minute episode is also on Youtube. Did you hear the voices of Dusty and Duke (GI Joe) making guest appearances?

    As for the Fox movies, I can tell you that I have never walked out of any of those movies happy. Furthermore, I have never bought any of the movies on DVD/BluRay/Digital Download. Not even First Class. 6 foot 4 Wolverine just does not work for me.

    Favorite lineup was the Australian Outback lineup post-Fall of the Mutants. Covered all the bases except for technical/scientific expertise- Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Rogue (with Ms. Marvel powers), Havok, pre-ninja Psylocke, Dazzler, Longshot. That’s when Gateway was introduced to help them teleport around the world.

    I was a big fan of Gambit too, but looking back on it, I am not sure what made the guy so cool to me. Was it the head gear? The trench coat? The way Claremont wrote the accent? Claremont used to write duels between Gambit and Wolverine showing Wolverine was getting old and slow. Wolverine seems to have been rejuvenated a number of times since.

    We should do a show on Villains. Why? Because I am all about the heroes, so it would be a good counterbalance. Or a show on the Avengers. I was a big team book reader because it gave me the most bang for my buck when I was a kid. It also introduced me to the solo books, so there was some effective marketing there.

    • eclectik

      Platinum comment sir!

      LOL @ so many gripes … with me, the show, Xmen, or all three? LOL
      I wasnt a fan of Batman TAS, I hold X-Men in high regard (for the Juggernaut) and because of all the cameos, the only other show that really gave me cameos like that was Spiderman AHAF

      As one who reeeeally didnt care about the X-Men like that, the nerd rage was at a low

      My ears are finely tuned for GI Joe voices always

      The Fox movies were awful, I give the first kudos for being the first X2 for the opening scene and … thats it
      First class was great until 15 minutes after you left the theater

      Dope lineup … pre-ninja Psy!

      Gambit was the coat, powers, and def the accent

      I like the ideas, gonna have to ponder and make it happen

      Thank you!!!!!

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  • @JuggernautLB

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. I agree with all your list on the X-Men, Colossus is underrated in the X universe. And Mr. Sinister, great story lines with him. I also agree with @davenappy that 6’4″ wolverine doesn’t work to the character. The movies are take or leave except “First Class.”

    I am trying to think of one thing to disagree with and ………….nothing. Great show. Shout out to JP Fairfield.

    • eclectik

      Thank you sir, I appreciate you listening … Colossus gets the shaft on the cartoon and the movies, it sucks
      Sinister rocks
      Davenappy and JP also rocks LOL
      Thank you again

    • http://jpfairfield.wordpress.com JP Fairfield

      Thanks for the shoutout! Glad you like my lineup ideas.

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