Lil Dicky is the funny

June 10, 2013


I was late to the party on Jenna Marbles, and I almost missed the boat on Lil Dicky

This guy is hilarious, and I cant stand 90% of rap that’s out but I can listen to him. First thing I heard was Ex-Girlfriend if I tried to explain the story in the song you wouldn’t believe me and it would totally ruin the song if you’ve never heard it or saw the video

Next was “White Dude” … which if I were one, would totally be my anthem

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He does freestyles in Onsies and while sitting on the toliet … and he never seems to have any toilet paper

A Workoholics flow, a diss song to nobody …. a song about staying in the house


… and he has more AKA’s than I do … and almost as funny

Fact of the matter is Grab his mixtape, subscribe to his youtube channel, he puts something new out on Wednesdays … and thank me later.




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