Dime Lines AD: Agape

September 6, 2008


In the background Discipline

But I’m hardly listenin

I’m hypnotized by her eyes and how they’re glistenin

Got honey now I’m drizzlin

Drippin over areolas

Skin tone is bangin like caramel and Coca Cola

And with my tongue I’m rollin over like the Spanish Roll “R’s”

Nipples erect gettin strummed like the strings on guitars

Incredible taste I trace my way to her thighs

French Kiss the lips and watch her hips start to rise

It’s no surprise I take my hands and I cup her ass

Head is movin slow but up and down tongue is movin fast

She Bucks

And Drips

Bites her Bottom lip

I swallow my sips as my soft flicks hits her clit

She says “shit!”

Then “Don’t stop I’m cummin”

Legs start to shake

While I suck her clit I’m hummin

One after the other she rotates, sways and Dips

Orgasms back to back to back like Bulls Championships

But I’m goin for the ring (not Nuva)

Orgasm number 5 as I freak with new maneuvers

One more in her she shrieks as she arches her back

Heavy breaths and pants like she’s had a heart attack

In the fetal position she lays and as I stand

I got a smirk on my face and I’m thinkin “You da man!”

…and I am πŸ™‚

But damn in her eyes was lust

She slides to the end of the bed in one thrust

Down with the boxers I’m hard as college calculus

What she did with her mouth I’m tryin not to bust

Down the side of the shaft she plays and she glazes

Tongue on the underside my babydoll amazes

Strokes with the hands as she slides sucks and slurps

My knees start to buckle as she puts in the work

Pushes me on the bed and climbs on top to ride

And does so with a Horse Derby Triple Crown stride

From the waist up, she still steady and strong

But her hips are movin like I’m playin Luke songs

So damn wet, Breast firm and supple

Kegal world champ the way she worked the muscles

My mouth’s agape, I’ma explode like Apollo

“Baby I’m cummin”







Looks up at me I say “You are the best”

Mannn I got the Janet song, I made up the rest


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  • heavenleigh

    “She bucks…and drips”….man, please explain how the HELL you are still single.

  • http://joicemaduaka.blogspot.com/ joice

    Oh dear!!

    Someone needs some attention.

  • lovnlife

    Ooooohh..I like this new girlfriend if we gonna get more Dime Lines! πŸ™‚

  • http://www.thatgirlshell.blogspot.com Michelle

    “One after the other she rotates, sways and Dips
    Orgasms back to back to back like Bulls Championships”
    Hahaha I like that. Seems like you may have some skills..lol! Why hasn’t someone snatched you up?

  • http://thek-spot.blogspot.com/ Keli

    How are you going to laugh at the end of a dime line…

    back to back like Bulls Championships…sports and sex…two of my favorite things. πŸ™‚

  • http://www.renaissanceblackwoman.blogspot.com Eb

    you know I love the dime lines

    is uummmm areola your fav word? lol

    does that janet song say “lick me right

    I’m gon have to add this to the sexcapdes play list

  • http://www.5thtimesthecharm.blogspot.com jackie

    all i can say is wow!

  • http://thegayte-keeper.blogspot.com/ thegayte_keeper

    nice LOVE the blog…

  • Ja divinity

    very good E. πŸ™‚

  • http://www.dariustwilliams.blogspot.com Darius T. Williams

    I’m only 26…I think I’m too young for this – lol.

  • http://www.dariustwilliams.blogspot.com Darius T. Williams

    I’m only 26, I think I’m too young for this.

  • http://blacksupermom.blogspot.com obama mama

    Man, so this is Erotic poetry. I was just telling some one I have never read any erotic poetry. Well let me tell you, you did the damn thang. I like that. My eyes were glued to the page. I didn’t even notice Discipline playin in the backround.

  • http://www.idontknowitsjustmia.com Mia

    Love it!!!!

  • http://rawdawgb.blogspot.com rawdawgbuffalo

    its football season yeaaaaaaaaaa

    and college cal wasnt that difficult

    and did i say

    its football season yeaaaaaaaaaa

  • missrook

    Wow. I was just passing through and my mind was blown. Guess I’ll have to take a few more minutes (on the clock:) to get myself together. LOL

  • http://babybondgrrl.blogspot.com Mica

    E,if this wasn’t posted 2days ago I would be asking if u were looking thur my window or was that u in my bed;-)lastnite? lol
    I’m lurking everyday, this is truely 1 of my top 5 fav blogs. Where do you get the art work? LUV IT!!!

  • http://www.jewellsavenue.com Jewells

    *Clears throat*

  • http://myfuturerocks.blogspot.com a.tiara

    wow e…

    *leaving before I say something else* lol

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