Do I Do: Astro Ice

June 27, 2013


Do you?

Think women spending $100 + getting her hair done is imcomprensible?
… espeically since the following week it looks like nothing ever happened.

Hate missing the previews at the movies?

enjoy drnking (fluids) more than eating?

Think Oral is just a part of sex instead of a special gift?

Only care about NBA games in the playoffs in series deciding games?

Want to double back smack people who hold their phone in front of their faces and talk on speaker?

Ever want to just hop in front of white people and say “Stop collaborate and Listen” ?


Think although it looks nice, Whip cream ruins desserts?

Want a new BBD CD?

Wonder if women with facial hair actually think it’s sexy?

Believe anyone else that names their child “Beyonce” should be tripped down an escalator?

Wish there was a separate Twitter based on interests?

Get pissed when you try to go to your favorie websites at work and it’s blocked?

Want a slice of Pecan pie?

Think that Astro would beat Scooby’s ass?!


Love to shop for anything?

Hate when people promise to bring you something back for lunch when they go out…but come back all late talkin’ bout…I had to stop at the Dry cleaners?

Wonder if women have hairy backs

Want Football to get rid of the preseason and add 3 more games to the reg. season

Wonder what I’m going to type next?

Like Ox-tail stew?

Love women with toned arms and legs?

Think that fresh flowers don’t smell as good as they’re built up to be?

Go to target and check out through electronics department becuase there’s no line there?

Think Q-Tips feel too damn good?


Watch certain TV shows and wonder “Why am I watching this?” but watch every week?

Think “Ian” is a cool name?

Remember when every woman smelled like Bath and Body works’ Cucumber melon?

Wonder who was the smart ass that came up with the Cheese on the apple snack?

Watch Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry and still laugh hard?

Try and be polite as possible when ordering food in the drive thru?


Think that not one of the popular Disney characters (Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto) are funny in the least?

Love no soda above Peach Soda

Remember Rosie Perez, Carmen Electra, Nick Cannon and Walter Payton Dancing on Soul Train?

Hate using the intercom at work because you dont think your voice sounds right?



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  • Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    I am always extra polite, making sure I say “please” and “thank you” at the drive thru. You dont want to be rude, cause thats when your food gets the booger treatment.

  • @davenappy

    PECAN PIE!!!!!!!!

    That is all. But that is sufficient.

  • Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

    Love the format of this post? I do.

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