Random – e: Balls Deep

August 1, 2013


25 More “facts about e”…for all you true believers, sit in astonishment of how extra I am
K? k.

I liked Honey and Glitter….Eff you.

Always said on a scale of 1-10 I’ma 6…it’s above average right?
…knowing I’m at least a solid 49 šŸ™‚

Never once ate Brussels sprouts

I can only drink water when I REALLY thirsty or it’s in something cool like a Fiji bottle


I will not get on roller coasters anymore for fear that it will break and I’ll die or have a heart attack
…though I use to LOVE them! Shout outs to The Beast at Paramounts Kings Island!

Every time I’ve met someone and ended up not getting with them…next time I saw them they’ve looked worse
…so I’ve never had that “one that got away”

I can watch Marvel stuff and talk comics all day

I know an Atheist…he is an interesting guy

I Rather text message or IM than talk on the phone…damn just come over then
The thing is I can multitask while texting, a boring phone conversation is the awful

Breasts and Ass is great … I’m just more of a legs, arm, waist and face guy
…I’ll take skinny and fine over staked and average any day. (Though not turning down either currently … hi)


Have not watched Any of the Indiana Jones movies all the way through at one time

I Cannot stop/talk to women when they look busy; I’m not the type that stops a woman in the mall or out walking
…it always has to be a “situation”

When someone stops talking to me I dont ask questions why…I just stop talking to them and that’s tha; because in the end, who cares?

I’m always skeptical of food at the grocery store…I never trust it after 2 days.
…also throw stuff out a day before the sell by/expiration date, that stuff is a damn guesstimate anyway, I’m not trying to die just because Jorge the meat man made a mistake

I don’t enjoy or like to read books…too impatient and my eyes skip … on my ipad it’s fine though

6th grade was my most favorite school year

I have not/Cannot sit and listen to a Lil Wayne song in it’s entirety
…nor can I listen to Any Jay Z song made since the 90s (and enjoy myself)

Before I had sex/when I was younger I thought that the balls went IN the condom…like you tuck them in LOL

I have maybe 5 Male friends in the area…none close I have WAY more Female friends

I’d rather be lonely than have a fine ass sexy ass bland personality chick…I’d be miserable.

My Cologne matches the brand of shirt I wear…if the brand does not have a cologne to go with it; I wear Gucci or Vera Wang I think.

I much rather sleep alone…especially in my own bed (UNLESS the woman is extra sexy)


For a whole year when I was younger I use to get my Sardines and crackers on…I’d now dry heave if I saw or smelled them.

I use to throw away sandwiches in the gutter when I had to pack lunches for field trips on the way to the bus stop … I shoulda sold them for Now & Later Money

Sitting up playing games and watching movies/TV with a woman is the greatest to me
…oh and sex.

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