EDP220 – MTV: The early years

August 4, 2013


Video Killed the Radio Star!

Join me and my guest Jason Gross (@SockOfFleagulls)

Mr. Rediscover The 80s, Father, M.A.S.K fan … and Martha Quinn lover


… as we discuss MTV – Music Television, in it’s prime, the Glory Days! #NoBoss

Cable TV
The Videos
The Weird Videos
The Sexy Videos
The Funny Videos
The Videos that creeped us out
The VJs
MTV News
Beavis and Butthead
Remote Control
When it went bad

… and a ton more


Of course the Fifth will be represented … it could be a hairy situation, lets just say that.


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  • http://twitter.com/Count_Marzo Marzo Kalif (@Count_Marzo)

    Shalalalaaas Ɨ 7, 2 Chris Hansens, and even a Smoke Weed Everyday!!!

    Man, I just love the #EDP. This was another great MAJOR flashback inducing episode. I haven’t seen many music videos in a while except for when I wake up early on the weekend and catch “Totally 80s” or the Morning Video block on VH1 Classic, which is my music channel of choice these days by far.

    Always enjoy the intro with the classic E stories too. Man I miss the days of when you could go for a walk and hit up many places with only a handful of dollars. Packs of cards, candy, chips, McDonalds, whatever you in the mood for.

    Also very glad to hear the original #EDP theme!!! Especially “the dopest, flyest, OG Pimp hustler gangsta player hardcore
    motherfucker living today”. That part is always is great to hear and always takes me to the height of my partying days. Killer extended intro with the countdown too!

    I love every artist, video, group, band you rambled on about. There really was no “BAD” music back then. You could leave MTV on all day. Truly magical times! I really love all the twisted, trippy, classic videos! Especially Mad Hatter Tom Petty in Wonderland! lol

    Awww man, the skating rink! Just as you guys described it. Man what a flashback. I never really rollerskated but I loved
    hangin out there listening to the music, playing the arcade games, the neon lights etc… what an atmosphere!

    LMAO’d at that rapid fire Hansen/Shalalalaaa. That, I think is an #EDP first.

    Like you guys, I have too many favorite videos to even begin. Aerosmith was my favorite band as a kid so I gotta agree
    with you guys on the Run DMC mashup. Wasn’t ever into the 90s grunge stuff. Nirvana = meh.

    PASS THE DUTCHIE!!! LOOOOVE Hall & Oates, seen them in concert a few years ago and bought an overpriced shirt!

    When Beavis and Butt-head came out, that opened the doors to a lot of lesser known bands/videos that I enjoyed.

    Green Jello aka Green Jelly!!!! They were from my hood! I have an autographed picture of all of them somewhere. Also
    had a Green Jello t-shirt. They’re kinda like GWAR with the crazy customes but theirs are more crazy with Shitman and all
    the corn kernels on him and Sadistica always wore crazy eyeballs over her titties!! šŸ™‚ Regardless, their video was epic!

    LOOOOVE Sabotage. Man, I love EVERYTHING you’re mentioning. Now I WANT MY MTV. šŸ™

    I also LOVE all the “creepy” videos you guys mentioned. For me the creepiest one is from The Cure. I can’t remember
    which song it is right now though. It’ll come to me eventually.

    Excellent work as always, gentlemen. Looking forward to getting in to Part 2. The #EDP is STILL my favorite overall podcast. The Shalalalaaas get me every. single. time.

  • davenappy

    Yeah, what Count Marzo said! The background music on this ep was OUTSTANDING.

  • @JuggernautLB

    You brought back all of my freaked-out memories of that Herbie Hancock “Rock it” video. Thanks. (I am grown and the mannequins will not get me, I am grown and the mannequins will not get me, I am grown and the mannequins will not get me)
    Best show on the nets.

  • Howie Decker

    “a low expectation-havin’ bumface or an unscrupulous cousin” HAHA! The best ways to launder your money in grade school. You needed a fifth grade Saul Goodman.

  • Howie Decker

    Puff Daddy “I like ponies, mutherfuckers” Great drop

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