Do I Do: Skittle Peltin

August 26, 2013


Do you?

Want to shoulder tackle your boss while he’s giving a presentation

Check the mirror often so to make sure you don’t have dry skin on your nose

Wonder why Jimmy cracked the corn

Wonder why anyone should care that Jimmy did it

Hate when people press the elevator button when it’s ALREADY been pressed


Notice when people smell bad…and tell them

Want sex then want to be left alone afterwards

Read my blog and think “I can’t believe he said that”

Need new underwear and socks

Hear Fire Alarms and be like “meh”…I dont smell smoke F-it

Type with 3 fingers max plus a thumb

Use things I type in everyday conversations

Remember when there was no internet

Know what a Base and Acid is

Wait for movies you know are terrible to come on TV and watch them…knowing you wont like them

Think Kids are overrated…not having kids…just kids in general

Listen to comedy more than music

Spend way too much time on the net sometimes


Scream for ice cream

Own every CD by The Skinny Boys

Like to play Board games and Cards a lot

Want to pelt people with Skittles cuz they annoy you

Read @eclectik tweets and think …”How did he come up with that?”

Think women are the greatest


Want some new sneakers

Go to the mall almost every week

Do the Gigalo

Mock the Indian woman in your office accent and how she pronounces her W’s as V’s?

Want someone to show a diagram of the Chicken and point out the part that the Nugget comes from


LOVE Old School Hip Hop and R&B?

Only want people around in moderation

Wants some cashew brittle

Want to take a nap

Laugh at people when they trip and fall

Smell all good

Get on the internet to get your eclectikrelaxation on

Love the Fall

I Do

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  • Mr. Serious (@chapmanrunner)

    I would never waste a good skittle on an annoying person. Well, maybe the green ones.

    • eclectik

      The Green ones are the great ones … the red ones … boooo

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