Podcast: EDP102 – Go Gadget Podcast

October 24, 2013

EDP Throwback series!

REMASTERED! (Tweaked audio … the background was too loud)

If you’ve never heard it, it’s new to you … if you have; it’s been a while

This episode of The eclectik discussion Podcast (WHICH is Also on iTunes), we talk Gadgets! Electronic toys … phones, and computers, and tablets, and blah blah blah. @TimDogg98 From TheKliqNation.com AND TheColdSlitherPodcast.com is my guest and we talk alot of tech and spec; also Tim answers questions in The Fifth … don’t forget my person top 5 and randomness

As a Throwback episode we talk about a lot of OLD Tech from now, but the conversation is still hilarious

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New listeners of the show jump in at different times and have yet to listen to the early shows, so I’m bringing them back … the shows arent dated; so why have them waste away?

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