iThink: Box Whistle Burp

November 11, 2013


Spinderella used to work on an Ice Cream truck … where else will you get info like that other than my podcast?

If you never had lemon heads, Alexander the grape, Cherry clans, etc and used the box as a whistle when you were done … then your childhood was lacking and I feel for you

Are people really offended by words or are the offended because they are supposed to be?

Are Blogs still popular? Are you reading this?

Technically the Ghostbusters cartoon with the gorilla WAS the REAL Ghostbusters


Never understood why men got earrings …

Then again, I also dont understand why anyone would get a tattoo either.

Every TV show that I watch with kids on them, the kids are the worst part.

Figured out how to add holidays to my iPhone calendar … so that’s a thing.

Breasts are amazing … all men love them. straight or homosexual … all women love them straight or homosexual.

I want a Grape Ape and Hong Kong Phooey reboot … Hanna Barbera had classics


You know how when you’re nervous they say imagine people naked? I do it anyway … people are disgusting, wait.

There should be a documentary on the people figured out what foods to eat and what not to and all the people that died in the trial and error

I havent had soda in 2 months

Pecan Pie Pringles are a thing.


A Group of friends getting together and playing drunken kick ball, red light green light, and freeze tag would be the most fun ever in life
… gotta be in the summer and gotta be like a friday or saturday night.

Also … lets take a monday off and play Tecmo bowl all weekend.

Ive never had cinnamon toast crunch, but Im about to purchase some, I bet its delicious.

There should be some sort of a plan to let you get a new car every 2 years or so with a discount … like the iphone upgrade

I’m getting a XBox One … not at launch but … maybe after the new year

Marshmallows are useless.

Saturday Night Live shouldn’t come back unless they are prepared to do a new show every week … this premiere and two weeks later rerun model blows
… new cast has been eh so far as well.


Need a new sketch show to compete with them … but it needs to be like on Showtime or HBO to REALLY get good

Zero reason to get one of those smart iWatch, Google watch, blah blah blahs … what they DONT tell you is you still need a model device to pair it with

Boardwalk Empire and Homeland … those are damn good shows. Scandal too.

The mobile iOS version of iPhoto lets you edit and do all types of things to pictures and the desktop version … lets you … store photos.

… oh and new Garageband sucks, looks good … but sucks.

Key and Peele is pretty funny

The new Marvel/Netflix news was the best thing Ive heard all year … I care more about these series than I do Avengers 2


Im finding little to no reason to own movies anymore … DVDs and Blu Rays are pointless … how many NEW movies do you really want to watch over and over again?
… least back in the day you’d have friends over and you’d watch movies; no one really does that anymore

Amazing how people get so popular from Vine … kinda dope.

Does Sesame Street still come on? How can that be any good? I bet they’ve ruined it with some kinda technology and PC’d the characters personalities.

… like if Soul Train came back it would be flooded with white people.


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  • Core: The Dark World (@chapmanrunner)

    glad to see a new post AND a new podcast. Cheers.

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