Dime Lines: Lip Service

June 30, 2007


Full lips,
I get lost in every curve
Verbal intercourse every syllable in her words

Even if they’re slurred,

I’m a sucker for her pucker
Profanities sound elegant as she softly demands I…

When she licks ’em I’m quickly fallen victim
Shivers down my spine as my eyes beg to kiss em

So cute the little crinkles on her upper lip
Provide friction

Consonants float when they part, it’s sensuous diction

She asks “Are you listening?”

Sometimes I zone,
Her reading the grocery list looks like an erotic poem

Every tone,
or moan
Intoxicating, like her lip glass is Patron

Can’t detox I’m waiting

For the next soft kiss of sweet surrender
When she was young white girls would tease and offend her

Fuk that, I love em so I’ll always defender her
Plus, now they shoot Botox …damn pretenders

I want more than to befriend her I’ll settle for a whisper

It’s the

Anticipation…impatience, just wanna kiss her

Ridiculous, how I could melt just from her pout
So much infatuation from an unknown woman’s mouth.

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  • http://lavendersquirts.blogspot.com DivineLavender

    Full lips are my weakness too! Very Sexy! I couldn’t have said it better.

  • http://www.glamazonlife.blogspot.com miss ahmad

    men like you keep lip gloss companies in business…go ‘head brother man do your thing!

  • http://lovesjanuari.blogspot.com januari

    yeah, you gotta take care of the lips…cause most guys go crazy about lips.

  • http://thek-spot.blogspot.com/ Keli

    @januari, Is it the lips or what they imagine them wrapped around? I’m just curious.

  • http://sarccastikenterprises.com The Sarccastik Anomaly

    i don’t think that chick is fine but she gots some lips like ooh wee…

  • tenacious

    LOL @ Keli

    Very nice E…I like a full set of lips on a man as well….

  • 1969

    Lips are sexy as hell….

  • http://www.princessdominique.com/blog princessdominique

    Oooo I love the art. Sorry I’m just getting a minute stop by!

  • http://deborahsthoughtsmadevisible.blogspot.com Deborah

    Heehee…Lips are awesome. I LOVE lips, especially my lips…one of the few body parts that I actually like…that and my ass…and my hair when it’s relatively tame.
    Nicely written, though. The words you used and the way they flowed….definitely a good read.

  • http://jcdplace2be.blogspot.com/ julia_claudine_deveraux

    Lips are the initial attraction for me….LOVE full lips!

  • http://sangindiva.blogspot.com Sangindiva

    As usual your words are heavy with visuals!
    Loved this! Lips ARE nice… I like mine. : )

  • http://www.blogger.com RaymonWazerri

    I love what you’e doing!
    Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

  • http://ghettoeconomics.blogspot.com Paula D.

    Maaaan, I love it!!!!!

  • http://yazmarsbreakthrough.blogspot.com Yazmar

    Aint nuthin like a full set of lips…OH MY GAWD…..oooooohh hmmm hmmmm

  • http://mentallyspeaking.blogspot.com BluJewel

    Yeah, that’s the hotness right there.

  • http://jcrofthenderson.blogspot.com Jcroft



  • http://www.mystery2you.blogspot.com MysTery

    Lol! Nice piece. Gotta love those lovely lips! 😉

  • Arianna

    I think the fuller someones lips are, the more passionate they are…I could never date someone with thin lips, I loves to kiss!

    This was my fave. dimeline E…so so so so sweet. U just put a smile on my face!

  • beautifulgyrlJ

    Mmmm men love my lips… And im so glad the do!

    I like I like…


    I used to hate my full lips but now I love them and this helped remind me why ((kisses))

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