Dime Lines AD: Jungle Gym

March 19, 2009


At a lounge now on the way home, it’s just she and me
On our way Out of DC we lookin bourgeoisie

You should see the

…the way her hair lays

You know me, Jeans and I’m wearin Heather Gray

Orange moon plays
I turn it up because that’s my shit

We’re at the stop light she turns and gives my neck a lick

Caress my chest and she slides her hand to my lap
I jump a little, chuckle like “don’t be doin that”

Takes her hand back places it on her knee
Till it’s under her skirt
She says: “Look baby”

Fingers licked and sucked
I’m like gimme some!
She puts them in my mouth
Whispers “Ima make you cum”

Turns to the side on knees she reaches waist
My eyes extra wide, she moans “I wanna taste”

Unzips and pulls me out I’m as hard as Trigonometry
I’m driving down the road while she’s drivin down on me
Soft licks and sucks…wet with her hand motion
I’m WAY under the speed limit mannn e is coastin

Intensely she continues, we stop at another light
People on both sides of us and I’m lookin like


I can’t play it off, her lips are extra soft
I scream out “FUCK” people look, I give a fake cough

Take off when the light turns green,
Lookin at the clock it’s like 2:18

She says I wanna feel this slide across my clit
Mann I found a park around the way like quick as shit
Opened the door then grabbed her hand
Walked past the swings, monkey bars and across the sand

Laid my jacket on the slide then her
I knelled
Slid up her skirt had to see how wet she feels


I took my finger and rubbed up and down her lips
She leaned back on the slide rotating hips

Panties to the side I guide my tongue across the button
Under her breath “Don’t stop” I aint stoppin nothin

Moans echo in the night I drink her like champagne
As she coats my lips and her thighs?

Summer rain

Shirt off, hers unbuttoned wet breasts glistenin
Turn her around she grabs the slide and Then I slid in

Long faint strokes as rain drops on our back
Nipples erect I rub them as the loud thunder cracks

Give her ass a smack pull out and grab close
Sexy is a woman 1/2 dressed in wet clothes


Jungle gym I guide her she looks like “what the fuk?”
With my back to it I grab her ass and lift her up

She’s holding the bars as I lower her on my shaft
Riding me buckin. Rockin the boat, pleasure craft or Raft

“I’m a bout to cum” I look that’s either rain or tears
“Hold me” I go deep- hardest she’s cum in years

Slightly limp in my arms carry her to the car
Gather up our things I don’t live that far

You alright?
I’m great.

We’re back at my spot

On the elevator she hits the button; makes it stop
Reaches out for me, and slides down to her knees
“You didn’t get yours and now I wanna please”

Pushed me back and goes down hand twists
Wetness from her lips

What are you doing to me?  I’m about to…Shyt!

Next thing I know I’m sitting here I’m typing this
Just another post cuz that woman don’t exist.

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  • http://www.strongblkwmn.blogspot.com strongblkwmn

    LOL @ the ending. You never know, she might be out there somewhere.

  • http://thrujeniseyes.blogspot.com Jeni

    damn….jus, DAMN.

    *goes back to reread for third time*

  • Buckhead

    You already know!

    Still laughing at the tryin to play it off *smh*

    VERY good…. very. 😉

  • Miss B

    WOW…just WOW

  • JA divinity

    I like this..this was…hmmnn…VERY creative 🙂
    Jungle gym, huh? *scribbles in notepad* 😉

  • http://www.5thtimesthecharm.blogspot.com jackie

    Eclectik, all I can say is OMG!!!

  • http://eclectik-relaxation.com/ eclectik

    So this one is good?

    Thanx family

    What is the best part/Sticks out the most?

  • http://tegsopinion.blogspot.com/ Tam

    The whole thing is great but the part in the car sticks out the most to me.

  • eclectik

    LOL the car stuff cool

    How’s the rotation?

  • http://maddsexycool.wodpress.com Reign

    damn, damn, damn…. i’m at work and just took my dude to the airport for a weekend in ATL… damn

    the car thing was giving me flashbacks… the jungle gym will be duly noted. lol

    rotation is nice…

  • http://quisqueyasworld.blogspot.com QQ

    YUM! This set the mood right for yesterday night ANNDD brought some very fond car fun memories

  • http://eclectik-relaxation.com/ eclectik


    Where are all these women in my life?

    I’m in a car…Im just drivin LOL Aint nobody leanin over for nuffin 🙁


  • http://thenewgee.blogspot.com geewiz

    yay ! another Dime..its about DAYUM TIME!
    all of it is sexy sexy of course! my fav
    *Soft licks and sucks…wet with her hand motion
    I’m WAY under the speed limit mannn e is coastin”

    “one e, one e, you lucky just to have just one eeeeeeeeee”


  • http://the12planet.blogspot.com 12kyle

    Fam! This is why you are runnin this random shit! Dope! Took me back to some college memories!


  • lovnlife

    Very sexy!! I like!!!

  • RunGirl

    So not what I needed to read this morning at work.

    Love it though.

    Definitely brings back some memories …

  • http://rawdawgb.blogspot.com rawdawgbuffalo

    the rapper always comes out when u dropping that book or cd

  • Dilly



    **bookmarks for possible future use**

  • prissy


  • prissy

    this one def should go in the the book ur working on *wink*

  • prissy

    this one def should go in the the book ur working on *wink* lol

  • Smarty P. Jones

    Well, uh … Nice.

  • http://www.facebook.com/santana.benitez Santana Caress Benitez

    get a book published, if you haven’t already.

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