5 MORE reasons I’m single

June 29, 2006


The Follow up to the previous ‘5 reasons I’m single blog’ blog
(It’s not you, it’s me)
1. I don’t chase women/play the game
I think (Not saying this is fact at all) but I THINK that women like to be chased, think that men like to chase…or something to that effect…maybe it’s they really want to know or feel that a man likes them…that what he says is genuine, I don’t know.
I just don’t enjoy the cat and mouse game…definitely a reason I’m single.
If I’m diggin’ someone and I tell them, that’s what it is…no need for tests or games to ascertain.
Some women have rules…
The “don’t call till this day rule”,
The “don’t go out this many times in a row” rule.
The “no kiss till this date” rule.
The “no sex till this date” rule.
The “I like you but I wont tell you till you tell me” rule
And the games

The “let me start a argument to see if you care or going to call back” game.
The “playing hard to get”game.
 …I guess some men respond to that.

I just let it go…I say it, try and show it, if you’re not buying it; it’s not for sale anymore. LMAO
2. I sound better on paper
Look at it:

Single, never married

No children

Non Smoker 

Live alone

College Degree



Disease Free


Never been arrested lol
Supposedly this is good/rare/desired…especially in the DC Metro
Still single though….maybe it’s because my personality is pretty shitty LMAO
3. I play too much
I’m sarcastic.
I joke a lot.
 …always in good fun though…never malicious in intent. I can be serious too (sometimes)
I’m just sayin’ that I place a high value on sense of humor, however there’s a steep learning curve to adapt to my sarcasm/sense of humor BUT when/if a person does, it’s pretty damn entertaining …I think
(ESPECIALLY while People watching)
I dunno, I like to live drama and stress free; can’t be all stressed out when you’re laughin’
4. I’m honest
If I’m into a person ‘m into a person…If I say I’m not seeing anyone, I’m not. I guess women are accustom to liars.
I’m a laid back (remember boring) type person so If you ask what I did last night and I say “I hit the movies or I was shooting pool all night” I was…it sounds uneventful but that’s really what I did.
I don’t say many things just to make another person feel good or tell someone ‘what they want to hear’ if you ask my idea of a good date, or what I think about you…or something else and it sounds good, it’s not for you, that’s just how I feel.
I think women are trained to look for the hidden agenda because of stories or past experiences and I get the skeptical eyes LOL
…I’m just me 🙂
#5  I’m weird
I’m the pickiest eater you’ll ever encounter
I make obscure references and jokes
I think a woman with a strong work ethic is sexy
I’d rather shop than party
I work at ridiculous hours
I work a lot, and I’m a homebody
 …I’m almost too laid back for my own good.
Sometimes people make the mistake of trying to ‘figure me out’…stop it, don’t bother; you’ll never get it. I think I’m one of the few that you can take at face value and not regret it.
I’m VH1 Soul in a BET world
 …I know I better not come up with another 5 🙂

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  • http://shavonne.org Shavonne

    I have a cousin I can hook you up with. She lives in the D.C. area, too.

  • http://lavendersquirts.blogspot.com DivineLavender

    I think I am single because I don’t have a baby. I swear that is the reason why…because I don’t have an anchor or enough drama. I think if I had a baby…a man would have asked for my hand in marriage. A 29 year old, single, professional, African hertiage woman is too…..whatever. I don’t know what that deal is…

    I spoke to a mutal friend of mine…brillant beautiful, 30ish, attorney, single…and we played around with the idea that maybe we should have a baby then maybe the husband comes after that. We think maybe we need to be appear we need a caretaker or rescue-a hero to come save us from single motherhood.

    On my darkest days I curse condoms and birthcontrol…I am just do dayum careful, controlling, and responsible?!

    I think me not being a mother is the reason why I am single. That could be wrong but I know plenty of women married after having a baby or two before the marriage.

    Then again I wake up and hold on to…marrying my husband and carrying only his babies in my womb. I am okay afterall.

  • http://nsaneleesane.blogspot.com Nsane Lee Sane

    Whats your sign?

  • Heather

    Just think of it as a good thing…

    …I’ve stopped trying to figure out why I’m single and count my blessings that I’m not one of the many that has an unhealthy relationship. Being “taken” doesn’t make you better. (Of course, you didn’t say that).

    Maybe you’re single because these ladies just aren’t ready to handle you yet…

  • http://areyoutheregod.blog.com/ Dawn

    You sound great…as I’m told too many times to keep track of: your time will come.

    I’ve got three great friends and we’re all single. I’m 31, tall, athletice, gainfully employed, no kids, not divorced…and no man. One of my girlfriend’s is 33, great job, super cute and tall…no man. My other girl i s 31, GREAT job, Ivy League-educated, very attractive…not a man in sight. Another is a guy, Ivy-League-educated, postgraduate degree, in great shape…not married.

    Take solace: it’s not just you.

  • http://roycesdaughter.blogspot.com Royce’s Daughter

    Ok I got it…you’re really Biz Markie? or perhaps you’re a midget that looks like Biz Markie! That’s gotta be it cause otherwise I am fresh outta answers dude!!!

    Oh and yeah I am sitting here reading all your old shyt…SO!

  • http://thepoeticcocoon.blogspot.com Urban Butterfly


    You’re weird too!?! LOL.

    Let’s start a club! =)

  • http://http//:www.jerzeyjuryduty.blogspot.com/ jerzeygyrl

    people watching/clowning should be a sport in the ghetto olympics!

  • http://http//:www.jerzeyjuryduty.blogspot.com/ jerzeygyrl

    people watching/clowning should be a sport in the ghetto olympics! best times ever…

  • Akilah

    Too funny..I stumbled across your blog from YBF and I’m glad I’m not the only weird, boring, picky person and single. Do you have any clones of yourself you can send to Baltimore?lol…

  • http://www.geminigee.blogspot.com/ GeeGEE

    I’m also a DC native..we might know each other

  • http://srjparks.blogspot.com Sdot

    Ohhhk…so…I do like to be chased…damnit. It fun. Or so I thought…guess not. Well okay. So…guess we’re over…b4 we began. *sighs*
    Headed to 11-15…for the final 5 reasons we don’t work…actually I’ve only found…2…

  • beautifulgyrlJ

    Man o man u r off the hook!

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